New York Lizards defenseman Kyle Hartzell has made a name for himself in the lacrosse world with his hustle, tenacity and work-ethic.

Rochester Rattlers v New York Lizards

Kyle Hartzell started his professional career in with the San Fransisco Dragons in 2008. He was traded to the Washington Stealth in 2009, then spent two seasons with the Chesapeake Bayhawks (2010-2011) and the Ohio Machine (2012-2013). He came to Long Island to play for the New York Lizards in 2013 in a three-way trade with the Bayhawks and the Machine.

New York Lizards v Chesapeake Bayhawks

Hartzell has won championships at the MLL, NLL, NCAA and NJCAA levels and this summer, will have his first shot at an international title. In February, Hartzell was named to Team USA for the first time in his career, and will battle the world with the red, white and blue in July at the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships. Hartzell is also the head coach and program Athletic Director at Plano (West) Texas Lacrosse.

Apparently he can throw a pretty nasty check too.


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  • Addison DeLucia

    any take away check( the rusty gate especially) and any time he goes coast to coast and rips one. hes my favorite player and I strongly base my style of play off of his.

  • Christian Wadley

    Not just one moment, but his ability to be a triple-threat player: offense, defense and transition. He is basically revolutionizing the role of the LSM and defender. Keep doing what your doing Hartzell.

  • Ford Hiller

    The way he plays. He is always doing awesome checks and then just taking down the whole field and ripping. He is the best LSM/ defender ever to play.

  • Ford Hiller

    And if I had to choose my favorite moment it would definitely be the moment above I watch it over and over again in amazement

  • Doug Shipp

    The first time I saw him was on the rusty gate check… It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life.

  • Mark Rosepink

    As a pole I have only had dreams about a rusty gate check that beautiful..

  • max hammerstrom

    i cant pick one but his shooting from way back is super sick

  • Sam Hixon

    I am a d-pole in 8th grade and i absoultley look up to Kyle Hartzell from his shot to his rusty gate check and I have messed around with a check like that in practice but havnt tried it in a game and I would love these cleats to make the center of my collection. Thanks

  • Bailey Caplin

    Rusty gate check was sick

  • Logan Wertz

    In all honesty, I never knew Kyle Hartzell made up the rusty gate check. Never in my whole life until this day. I’ve tried to do it my whole set of season, I did it some times here and there, but never as good as Kyles when it came with a yardsale at the same moment. I’ve known about the rusty gate check for 1 or 2 years I think and I did not just learn it off of this video. Hartzells one of the best MLL defensemen, hands down.

  • tanner

    rust gate chck >>>

  • Ann Cain

    Kyle Hartzell is my son’s favorite player!

  • Tom

    Definitely NOT when he played for the San Francisco Riptide. Maybe the Dragons. . . . ?

  • Jack Deede

    Kyle Hartzell is my favorite lacrosse defenseman! And the rusty gate check was awewsome and also when he took the ball all the way up the field and scored!

  • Jack Deede

    He is also the best LSM in the game! and I base my hard work and my love for the game off of his!

  • gary

    Rusty Gate Check and the video above.

  • Pat Cain

    When he won the championship with the Seagulls

  • Adam

    As a fellow long pole…that insane Rusty Gate action on Boyle is #1.

  • Joseph Lehman

    Mine was by far when I watched lacrosse for the first time. It was when hartzell played for the hawks and he had an amazing rip from outside the 2 point arc. Seeing that shot made me want to play lacrosse

  • Brian Rhode

    He was an instructor at my first lacrosse camp (Rabil Camp)when I was in 3rd grade.

  • andre barker

    watching him rusty gate a veteran player

  • Phil Weis

    Rusty gate stick check on
    Ryan Boyle.