Warrior Rabil Protective Line

Warrior Rabil Protective Line Overview

Paul Rabil, the reigning Major League Lacrosse MVP, knows a thing or two about what it takes to perform at the highest level. That is why he has worked closely with Warrior to design a new line of protective equipment that offers an unbeatable level of mobility. That ultimately will allow you as a player to move freely and not be held back by your gear.

In his new line of protective equipment, Rabil and Warrior builds onto some of their most elite gear while also introducing new technologies. Far and away, you will notice a difference when you pick up a pair of the Rabil gloves or shoulder pads as there just simply is nothing like them in the market today.

The Glove

One of the most innovative pieces from this line, the Rabil glove brings a whole new cuff system to the table. The Total FLX Cuff comes in three pieces that wrap around the entire wrist but are split up in a way that provides the primary cuff full range of motion back and forth. This system will not only let you flex you hand back and forth effortlessly, but when your hand bends back it will push the padding further up your arm for increased forearm protection.

Warrior Rabil Glove

The Shoulder Pad

When you pick up the Rabil Ultralyte shoulder pad you’ll instantly notice its extreme lightweight nature. That’s because Warrior has stripped out a large portion of padding from the backside replacing it with a breathable compression material. Then focusing all of the padding on the front, Warrior juiced these shoulder pads up with their popular D30 Smart Skin which built with 3 layers of materials starting with a breathable mesh, filled with D30 Aero Foam and topped with their TPU Upper Skin. Due to their minimalist nature, these pads won’t be suited for the heavy hitters on field but will certainly benefit those players who are constantly running the field and don’t find themselves in body to body scuffles often.

Warrior Rabil Ultralyte Shoulder Pad

The Arm Pad

As a midfielder, Rabil was looking for an arm pad that provided just enough protection to keep his elbows safe from incoming slashes but also would allow him full mobility to nail his famous split dodge shots on the run. The Rabil arm pads feature a new shorter 3 piece construction that, like the shoulder pads, is built with their D30 Smart Skin. All seamlessly constructed on a single sleeve, these arm pads will let your arms move freely again.

Warrior Rabil Arm Pad

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