Vote Rob Pannell for the next Wheaties box cover

Who’s NEXT?
Charlotte Hounds v New York Lizards

For the first time in 80 years, Wheaties  is offering America the opportunity to select the next athlete to be featured on the iconic Wheaties box.  Team USA and New York Lizard Rob Pannell is one of five athletes in contention for the cover as part of the Wheaties NEXT Challenge.  The competition is fierce, so we’ll need your help to get Rob the box!

So this sounds great. How do I vote?

1. Register with MapMyFitness, select Wheaties Next Challenge and join Team Pannell. (You must be 18 years or older for your vote to count.)
2. Log your workouts! (You’re doing ’em anyway, might as well get credit for it.) Between now and August 31, you can log a maximum of 2 workout at 90 minutes each. Workouts must be at least 30 minutes to qualify. Whoever has the most workouts logged by August 31 will be awarded a $250 gift card for Brine lacrosse gear. If there is a tie, all winners will all receive a prize, but the grand prize will be awarded to only one of the winners (selected at random). Additional prizes include 150 signed RP3 Wheaties covers and 30 RP3 lacrosse heads.
You can also download the MapMyFitness app and log your workouts on the go.
3. If you really want to be a champion for the Rob (and lacrosse), share the challenge around; with your friends that work out, your team, friends of the sport and heck, you might even be a friend of Rob’s.