Stringing Tips for 2016

Stringing Tips for 2016

The 2016 season is just around the corner and just like every season before it, it is going to be very important to keep your sticks well maintained. It’s inevitable that shafts will crack, heads with snap, mesh will get worn out and your strings will fray. The latter two of the group will likely happen more often than your equipment breaking, so we wanted to take some time to share some tips from a few of the most experienced stringers in the game.

The likes of Connor Wilson from LaxAllStars, Joe from Throne Lacrosse, Greg from East Coast Dyes and Skaggs from Stylin Strings have provided the lacrosse world with some essential stringing tips and insights. They have done so to not only prepare you for whatever may happen to your stick during the season, but they are also kicking off season 2 of String League. For those of you that don’t know about String League, it is the world’s largest platform to express and present the art of stringing. The four gentlemen mentioned above have made a name for themselves for their endless creativity and the sheer number of hours they have devoted to stringing. Whether you are interested in getting involved in String League season 2 or just learning how to improve your stringing skills, check out the videos below for instruction on how to step your game up.

How to string a sustainable lacrosse pocket & top string theory

by Connor from LaxAllstars

How to channel a lacrosse pocket & side wall theory

by Joe from Throne Lacrosse

How to string legal shooting strings in a lacrosse pocket

by Greg from East Coast Dyes

How to form hold in a lacrosse pocket and pocket placement theory

by Skaggs from Stylin Strings