Stringer Stories Sam's Mark 1

Stringer Stories – Sam’s Mark 1

Hey guys this is Sam here with another entry in the LACROSSE.COM Stringer Stories series.

For a little background on me, I started stringing sticks at the age of 13 and I am 22 now. I have always been a fan of matching the color of stringing and head with my teams colors. I have gone from crimson and white in middle and high school, to navy and gold in college to now not officially having a team anymore. However, I will be beginning my coaching career soon so I decided to dye and string up this StringKing Mark 1 with my new team colors.

Stringer Stories Sam's Mark 1

When I got all the materials together, I started by stringing the head a few times trying out different patterns to see what I liked best. Once I found the pocket I wanted, I took pictures of the sidewall pattern so it could easily be replicated. Then I unstrung the head completely. Some of you may be asking why? The reason is I wanted to get my pattern figured out before I dyed the head.  If you dye a head and then string it and unstring and change the pattern sometimes the dye will begin to rub off on the mesh and strings. I wanted to make sure I avoided this and the head turned out looking nice.


I went shopping and I bought RIT synthetic fabric dye in Kentucky sky blue, a small plastic trashcan, and a package of wooden skewers. When I came home, I boiled a pot of water and added the dye. I poured the dye into the trashcan and then slid a wooden skewer through the sidewall holes in the top of the head. The skewer was long enough to go across the trashcan and suspended the head at the top of the trashcan.  Once the head was hanging in the dye I set a timer for 2 minutes. I checked the dye after the timer went off and ended up leaving the head in the dye for a total of 6 minutes. I got the color I wanted and rinsed it off in the sink. After rinsing the head I let it cool in freezer for 3 minutes to make sure it regained its stiffness.

Stringer Stories Sam's Mark 1

Once the head cooled, I began stringing it. The mesh and strings I chose for this head are Throne Fiber in white and StringKing sidewalls and shooters in grey. I had never used Throne Fiber before but having strung this head I am a very big fan. It is lightweight, easy to break in, and is not overly grippy. It is slightly stiffer than East Coast Semi-Hard Hero Mesh but breaks in perfectly. Having played goalie my entire career, I chose to string a pocket that wasn’t overly whippy or channeled. It is a longer pocket with a smooth release and has a good amount of feel when passing and shooting. It is a mid-low pocket that I will be using for warming up goalies and running drills in practice.

The head turned out exactly as I hoped and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share it with you all.

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