Sean Murphy

Q&A with Sean Murphy, Boost Lacrosse Founder, CEO

We got the chance to sit down with the Founder of Boost Lacrosse, a one-of-a-kind strength & training program for lacrosse players to get the story behind Boost Lacrosse and its CEO. A native of Bedford, NY, Sean Murphy  started playing lacrosse when he was seven years old. He founded Boost Lacrosse to bring lacrosse-specific strength and conditioning to players, designed to help them up their game. LACROSSE.COM is partnering up with Boost Lacrosse to bring you plenty of videos and content about how to stay at the top of your game.  In the meantime, you can follow Boost Lacrosse on Instagram @boostlacrosse, Twitter @BoostLacrosse, YouTube – BoostLax and Facebook.
What is your fondest lacrosse memory? There are a lot of them, but one that sticks out was my junior year in high school (Taft School). We went undefeated and finished the season with a share of the high school national championship.
What do you love most about the sport of lacrosse? Hands down, the Passion & Support of the Lacrosse Community. There is nothing like it any other sport.
What role did the sport of lacrosse play in your career choices to pursue strength & conditioning as a profession? A big one. Post-college, I did the whole corporate thing for a couple of years but it just wasn’t for me. I had always loved the off season during my playing days, and realized that my passion was Strength & Conditioning, specifically for lacrosse players.
What were you doing before you started Boost Lacrosse? I owned and ran a gym in Sausalito, Calif.
How did the idea for Boost Lacrosse come about? I had been working local players at my gym in California and they had been seeing huge results.   I realized that every kid, no matter where they lived, should have the ability to see results like this. So the idea was born to build a website where kids could follow our program and get these results, but more importantly, learn how to take care of their bodies during their careers.
What have been some of the best moments about starting & running Boost Lacrosse? What have been some of the tougher moments? This is a tough question, as any entrepreneur knows, because every single day there are good and bad moments. The grind of building a business never ends, 1. because it’s a passion but 2. because the success of it is directly related to how much you hustle. I think the best moments thus far have been the enormously successful feedback from the players who are following our program. They have seen tremendous results and their attitudes towards working hard have completely changed in the sense that they now embrace the challenge of improving and work towards their goals.

The model of Boost lacrosse is meant to serve a large audience and a wide array of athletes. How do you find the right exercises and lessons for everyone? Since our focus is strictly lacrosse players (women and men no matter what position he or she plays), they still need to improve on the same things: Speed, agility, power, strength and coordination. The movements and workouts we put our athletes through are suited for any player at any position. The workouts are designed to get you stronger, more explosive, more flexible and quicker on your feet. Essentially, anything and everything that makes up a great player, we will strive to improve with every single athlete.
Do you offer specialized services for individual athletes? If so, how can the readers inquire about that service? At the moment, all of our business is online which is built for a wide audience rather than individually. We are, however, in the process of opening up our Boost Lacrosse Performance Center which will be a physical location for individual players to come and get all of their training done in one place. So make sure to follow us on Instagram to hear more details.
When you work out on your own, what type of music do you listen to? Depends on the day but usually a mix of rock and hip hop. I’m a child of the 90’s so you’ll always find some aggressive alternative music in there.
During the year, when is the most critical time for a lacrosse player to be fully engaged in their work outs? This will surprise most of you, but year-round! Staying strong, fast, quick and flexible takes constant work. A lot of players will stop their workouts once the season begins, but this is a big mistake. As the season progresses, a player needs to maintain strength & flexibility so he or she can be as explosive/fast at the end of the season as they were at the beginning. While sprints and conditioning during practice helps, it absolutely won’t cover all of the bases.

What are the core fundamentals of your lacrosse strength & conditioning programs? Speed Work/Strength Work/Lots of Mobility

On a day off, what do you like to do? Spend time with my family is #1.
Boost Lacrosse is very active on social media. Who do you follow on Instagram and what YouTube channels do you subscribe to? At the moment @therock is hilarious on Insta and on YouTube, “Spartan Up! The Podcast”, which is done by the guys who put on the Spartan Races, is extremely inspiring. We learn something new every episode!
If there was one thing all of the readers should be doing every day, in lacrosse or in life, what would that be? Work hard. Whether it’s preparing for a game, test or job interview, give it your best shot and work for your success. Know that you have earned it.

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