Nike Huarache V Creator’s Pack


Historically, Native Americans utilized wood to create various necessities such as boats, weapons and even their lacrosse sticks. This timber has played a vital role in their livelihood and still plays an important one today.

The new Creator’s Pack, the latest Limited Edition line from Nike, pays homage to this earthly element and its significance in the Native American culture.

On the soles of these cleats you will see a unique wood grained pattern that stands as tribute to the wooden materials used in the shaft and head of the lacrosse stick. The weave pattern found on the synthetic outer material symbolizes the netting strung up in those wooden sticks to complete the piece.  Through these designs, every step you take will bring you closer to the origins of lacrosse and its ancestors.

The splash of red in the Nike swoosh brings back fond memories for the Thompsons as it represents the box lacrosse team, the Onondaga Redhawks, that the brothers first played on together at a high level. They helped take that team to the President’s Cup final, a senior B championship event hosting American and Canadian teams, and claim the Championship trophy.



As the Thompson brothers have risen to international lacrosse stardom, it has always been vital to them that they remain connected to their native american culture. The artist behind the Thompson Brothers logo was able to incorporate a handful of tokens of their ancestry.

The top of the “T” features two feathers pointing up and down. Each of the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy differentiate themselves through styles and patterns in traditional dress. This feather formation mirrors that of an Onondaga Chief’s traditional head dress.

The stem of the “T” features the iconic braid that the Thompson brothers wear to stay connected to their upbringing. At the tail end of the braid lies an arrowhead.



From the ground up, Nike stripped out all unnecessary weight and material to provide a cleat that will not slow you down. The most unique feature to the Huarache 5 line is the Chinese Finger Trap construction, which is designed to lock your foot into the shoe no matter how fast you move.

The Huarache V cleat foot bed features a similar layout to that of the Huarache 4’s with three zones of cleated traction. If you are a fan of the Huarache 4 or previous models, then you are sure to become a fan of the 5 series as they have kept the already popular components while improving upon the overall fit technology.


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