Nike Huarache Trophy Pack

Nike Huarache Trophy Pack Launch

You’ve struggled through early mornings. You’ve battled through that extra rep. You’ve put in the hours to take your game to the next level. Now, it’s time to claim what you deserve.

Introducing the all-new Limited Edition Nike Huarache Trophy Pack now available at LACROSSE.COM!

Nike Huarache Trophy Pack

Ever since you first picked up your lacrosse stick, that hunger to ultimately take your game to the college ranks has been there. Not only do you have a strong desire to suit up for a collegiate program, but hoisting that NCAA Championship Trophy has been your ultimate goal. The design of the Nike Trophy Pack is inspired by that sought after trophy.

The clean all-white coloration of the shoe represents the immaculate achievement that is winning an NCAA National Championship. The audacious gold detailing on the swoosh, the speckles in the heel and the cleat bed make sure the world knows about your triumphs. Whether you play for a small town club team or are a member of the eventual 2016 National Championship team, you deserve a trophy of your own.

The Huarache V Cleat Construction

From the ground up, Nike stripped out all unnecessary weight and material to provide a cleat that will not slow you down. The most unique feature to the Huarache V line is definitely the Chinese Finger Trap construction that was carried over from the Nike Free Trainer 5.0. This unique construction is designed to lock your foot into the shoe as more movement is introduced to the cleat while running up and down the field, similar to how the Chinese Finger Trap locks in your fingers the harder you try and pull them out.

The Huarache V cleat foot bed features a similar layout to that of the Huarache 4’s with three zones of cleated traction. If you are a fan of the Huarache 4 or previous models, then you are sure to become a fan of the 5 series as they have kept all of the already popular components while improving upon the overall fit technology.

Pick up the all-new Nike Huarache Trophy Pack today at LACROSSE.COM.