Lacrosse Helmets 101

With all of the controversy revolving around lacrosse helmets recently, it is important to do your research and make sure you pick out the best helmet to suit your needs. Look for helmets that are NOCSAE certified.

Your helmet is arguably the most important piece of equipment in your lacrosse arsenal. Comfort is the most important factor. We created this quick guide to help you choose the right helmet for your head and your game.

The main difference between helmets is weight, field of vision, and fit. It is important that the lacrosse helmet fit snug to your head to limit injury. Most helmets in the game today offer unique ways of adjusting the helmet size so you can customize it to fit your head. Lacrosse helmets have air vents to increase air flow and decrease its weight. All helmets come with an adjustable chin strap for added protection. Helmets can also be customized to match your team’s colors or add personal flare to your game.


Wrap a piece of string around the player’s head across the brow above eyes. Then just measure the string – that is the circumference of your head. Your lacrosse helmet should fit snuggly with the chin strap adjusted for a secure fit. Wearing your helmet with a lot of tilt may look more stylish on the field, but it is important to wear the helmet correctly and as intended to stay safe out on the field.



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Popular helmets:

The Cascade R

Cascade R showcases the most advanced impact management system ever produced by Cascade with the combination of dual SevenTech and PoronXRD liner. This helmet is designed for safety, performance and style.

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The Cascade CPX-R

Cascade CPX-R offers superior protection without sacrificing comfort. It has Seven Technology liner cushioning to disperse energy from a direct impact.

These helmets comfortably fits head circumference 22″-23 5/8″ (one size fits all).

STX Stallion 500

STX Stallion 500 is the latest helmet to hit the market and comes in with a bolstering record for safety. Backed by the industry leading helmet manufacturer, Schutt, the STX Stallion also provides the customized look and feel every lacrosse player is looking for. This helmet is available in sizes ranging from small to XL and comes with a unique air pump system to ensure the perfect fit.

Cascade CPV is the latest youth helmet to the Cascade line-up which means it is packed with all of the same great safety and style features to its adult counterparts but designed specifically for the youth.

STX Stallion 100 is the youth counterpart to the 500 model boasting the same high safety factors. This helmet comes in a XS and Small size with the air pump system to make sure it fits your youth player just right.

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