LACROSSE.COM’s Exclusive Interview with New York Lizards’ Rob Pannell

Midfielder (and Wheaties Box contender) Rob Pannell visited the LACROSSE.COM studio to talk about his new RP3 signature line for Brine, developing his game and his time at Cornell.

Ohio Machine v New York Lizards
Where are you from, and where are you living now?
Rob: I’m from Smithtown, New York, which is on Long Island, but I’m living in New York City now.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Rob: Athletic, hard-working and motivated.

If you could tell us the three people that shaped your game, from a mental toughness standpoint, physical and lax IQ?
Rob: From a lacrosse IQ standpoint, I think Coach Tambroni at Cornell was really instrumental in helping me develop as a player and being smart. From a mental toughness standpoint, Coach DeLuca at Cornell, he was the defensive coach for two years and my head coach for two years. He pushed me to my mental toughness limits, in practice, in the weight room, I have him to thank for that. From a physical standpoint, I really push myself to my limits but I’d have to say my strength coach at Cornell, Coach Halley, and my roommate Chris Langton. He was a physical specimen, so I’d always strive to be like him. Coach Halley really pushed me to get to that next level physically.
 You have a brother, who’s a sophomore at UVa. What piece of advice would you give him, since you have recently graduated and played at Cornell?
Rob: I would tell him to maximize his potential, and to be the best player he can be. My brother is very athletic, and he has a massive upside in his game and his potential and I think if he really wants to work on it and be the best he can be, he can be a top player in the country. He’s off to a great start this year, but I still think he can improve and if he starts to look at himself the same way.


Do you guys practice together a lot?
Rob: Growing up, yeah. He loved lacrosse, he started playing young, really young, younger than I did. He’d always play with my friends and got beat up, but he developed early and he was a great player from the time he first picked up a stick, it was pretty incredible. Now that we’re older, we don’t get as much time but we’ll go out there and rip it around like we used to. In high school, middle school, we’d always be out there, hopefully that helped him a little bit.


So will he be playing with your RP3 head and handle?
I would like him to; I’ll see what I can do. We’ll try. I don’t know what restrictions they have at UVa.

Is he a fan of the line?
He is, and he’s a fan of me. He’s great, we’re close and if he can support me in any way he’s going to.

What is it like to be part of Brine’s elite team?
It’s been great. The guys over at Brine have been great to me, they’ve been treating me well and it’s been exciting to get to know them and to get working on the new head and handle that is coming out. Over at Brine, they know what they’re doing; they’re the makers of the world’s finest lacrosse gear. They’re really doing everything they can in order to do that. As a member of Brine Team Elite, along with the other guys that are on it, we have to make sure we’re doing our job well, representing the company and playing the best that we can play. The experience has been great so far, and I’m looking forward to many more years to come with them.


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