LACROSSE.COM meets Chris Tiernan of Throne of String

We caught up with Chris Tiernan of Throne of String while we were in Denver for the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championships. Chris was cool enough to string a head for us, and answer some questions too.

Lindenhurst NY

Where did you go to college?
Lindenwood University and Manhattanville College

When did you first start to get into lacrosse?
In 6th grade. My friend’s dad was my town’s youth team coach.

What position did you play? How did you get started in that position?
At first, Attack. But I could run so they moved me to Midfield, and I’ve been there ever since.

First lacrosse memory?
First practice at town youth ball

Favorite lacrosse memory?
I have two: USA starz trip to Australia and playing against the Syracuse Stingers with LAS.

When did you really get into stringing?
I learned at camp when I was younger, but it wasn’t until college that I learned really how to put whip and hold in my stick. My Canadian roommate taught me and I got into it after that.

How does one get this wicked good at stringing?
Practice, and trying different things out.

What’s your current weapon of choice?
Maverik A1 (best shaft of all time) and a Nike CEO with some unreleased Ice blue Throne.

How did you meet Joe (Wiliams, founder of Throne of String)?
At a men’s league club in NYC we used to play for.

How did you guys decide to start Throne of String?
Joe started it out of his apartment after making some mesh pieces for himself. I saw the LE torch mesh he made for himself, and I had to get a piece. He needed help, so I hoped on board about two months later while I was finishing up school part time. And it just has been rolling ever since. I am happy that it has become more than two guys stringing sticks. With Joe creating Throne Mesh and me creating Throne Leathers, I feel like we have given the lacrosse community something special that everyone can enjoy.

How has Throne of String changed your life?
It has turned a sport I grew up playing to something that got me through school, and into a full time job.

You can find Throne of String products at LACROSSE.COM.