Huarache V vs Banshee

Head to Head – Nike Huarache V vs Under Armour Banshee

When you step on the field, you want to step on feeling confident that you are as prepared as you can be to dominate the competition. One step to achieving that confidence is suiting up with the best possible gear to fit your playing style. Whether that is a 5 year old head strung just the right way or your lucky shoulder pads you’ve used since you were younger, it’s imperative to find the gear that fits you. One of the more crucial elements in this conversation are your cleats.

The cleats you lace up can say a lot about the style of your game. They also serve as a fundamental structure ensure that you are not only able to move freely on the field, but keep you locked in to avoid any injuries. On todays Head to Head Comparison Review we are going to take a look at the ever popular Nike Huarache V cleats and the versatile Under Armour Banshee cleats to help you figure out which pair truly fits your game best.

Huarache V vs Banshee

The Look

Looking at the Nike Huarache V and the Under Armour Banshee side by side, they do not share many similarities besides the mid formation. The Huaraches have come out in 2016 with a completely new look than previous years but a look we have seen on some of their running and training shoes. The weave of the synthetic material plays a crucial role in shoes functionality which we will get into later, but it certainly gives the cleats a unique appearance. This pattern also shows that Nike reduced the amount of materials on the shoe while also reinforcing its structure so that you can feel the lightweight without any detriment to its integrity. The Under Armour Banshee has taken on a new look as well from its former model, now with a more mechanical look. Under Armour replaced the full synthetic leather body with a more breathable version which also holds the bold color splashes to help you stand out on the field. The shape of these cleats remain very similar to the previous model but the aesthetics have moved in a whole new direction.

Under Armour Banshee

The Construction

To discuss the construction of these cleats we are going to start from the bottom and focus on the cleated foot bed. On the Banshees you will find a mix of molded, bladed and conical studs throughout with the bladed on the heel and the conical and molded on the forefront of the shoe. The bladed cleats on the heel act almost as shovels allowing you as a player to really dig into the ground and push forward. The molded and conical studs are then smaller in size so you can make nimble movements while still picking up traction. When looking at the Huarache V’s you will find mostly conical and molded studs but they also have a unique sidewall shovel cleat strategically placed on the edges of the foot bed. In similar fashion to the Banshee, the larger studs on the Huarache V are found in the heel to help you dig into the turf although their studs are conical vs bladed meaning less surface area to grab hold of the earth. There is an equal number of studs in the forefront on both cleats but as mentioned before, the Huarache V’s have their unique sidewall studs that give you and extra pull when making lateral movements. All in all a very similar construction minus a few unique features on each.

Nike Huarache V

The Featured Technology

Under Armour cleats are known for their conforming nature allowing the cleat to feel as it is one with your foot. The Banshees are no different. The molded 4D Foam in the foot bed integrates with your foots exact shape, providing supreme comfort and reduced pressure. Cutting out the tech terms, this means that the new Under Armour Banshee cleats will fit you very well and will allow you to focus on your game instead of your feet. As we mentioned in the look section, the new Huarache V’s come to market with a completely new design that not just looks cool but provides state of the art functionality. The concept of the weave pattern comes from a Chinese finger trap in that when the bands are pulled with your movement they will tighten up. This locks in your foot when you are making explosive cuts and dodges so you move as one with your footwear. The other side of this technology is that when you are resting, the weave remains loose making for a breathable and very flexible fit. Although the Nike Huarache V and the Under Armour Banshee do not look alike, they share a number of functional aspects making either a great choice for your future footwear.

Huarache V vs Banshee

Lace up with either the Nike Huarache V cleats or the Under Armour Banshees from and step onto the field with absolute confidence. Check out our full review of the Under Armour footwear line and the new Nike Huarache V on our YouTube channel and let us know what you think in the comments.