Gift Guide - Women's Midfield

GIFT GUIDE – Women’s Midfield

Is there a lacrosse player on your list and you know she’s a midfielder? Do yearn to dominate the draw? Are the super natural endurance athletes that enjoy running the field? If any of the above are true, we have a list of top products that will suit the needs of any midfielder this holiday season.


  1. Nike Lunar Complete Stick

The most important facet of the girl’s game today is possessing the ball. This Nike Lunar stick makes it easy to not only posses the ball but continue to win those 50/50 situations. Which makes this the perfect stick for a two-way midfielder. The extreme scoop angle, runway pocket, and minimum side wall turns this stick into a weapon on the field. And here’s why, the extreme scoop angle on the front of the head makes it easy to scoop up ground balls or snatch them cleanly out of the air. While the runway pocket contains an overlapping center-string system allowing the two center runners to flex out and hug the ball for optimal possession of the ball in your stick. And finally the minimum side wall gives this stick the advantage for allowing the deepest possible legal pocket in the game today. By having this much control over the ball in your stick you will have that much more control over the game. This stick allows players to take their game to the next level and perform consistently at the highest level.

Nike Lunar Complete Stick

2. Nike Women’s Speedlax 5 Cleats

Designed for explosive speed, the Nike Women’s Speedlax 5 cleats are built for the endurance player. The synthetic leather is not only comfortable but durable and will last game after game. As a midfielder, knowing you’ll be running the length of the field time and time again, finding the best footwear suited for you is vastly important.

Nike Speedlax 5 Women's Cleats

3. STX 4Sight Form Goggles

The STX 4Sight Form is back and better than ever! The unique floating cage in these goggles provides and excellent fit and custom feel. The titanium cage is ultra lightweight and incredibly strong, ready to withstand any errant stick or flying ball.

STX 4Sight Form Goggles

4. STX Fusion Women’s Equipment Bag

Midfielders are inherently known for being leaders on the field. With such a title comes responsibility for carrying the team at times, even when that means literally carrying the teams gear. You can do just that with this larger equipment bag from STX.

STX Fusion Stick Bag

Pick up all the essential gear for the midfielder in your life this holiday season from LACROSSE.COM.