Gift Guide - Women's Defense

GIFT GUIDE – Women’s Defense

Shopping for a lacrosse player and you know they are a defender? Can they read an opposing players moves before they even make them? Do they appreciate unspoken communication between fellow defenders so they can focus on their attacker while knowing they will always have a backup? If any of the above are true, we have a list of top products that will outfit your defender this holiday season.


  1. STX Crux 300 Complete Stick

A lot of people stress the importance of body position and foot work for the defensive side of the girls game, but the secret to being not just a good defender but a great defender is being able to handle the ball just as well as anybody else on the field. In order to handle the ball productively in tight, pressuring transition plays you need to be able to feel where the ball is sitting in your stick at all times.The STX Crux 300 has a runway pocket that flexes out and tightens securely to the ball so you can feel exactly where the ball is at all times in your stick. Therefore, enhancing your ability to release the ball and make accurate passes. This dimension tranforms the stick into more of an extension of your body than a detached object. Since we don’t score goals on defense, we make a living off of ground balls. The Crux 300 contains an extreme scoop angle that practically allows the ball to fall into your stick while also providing extra snap for sending the ball on a straight, fast paced trajectory. The STX 7075 shaft not only has a rubberized finish for maximum grip and comfort, but also is thicker allowing defenders to cover more surface space on their attackers for optimal balance and control over their center of gravity. If you want to be a shut down defender and ground ball machine, this is the stick for you.

STX Crux 300 Complete Stick

2. Brine Empress Cleats

Not only do these cleats look fast, they are built to be fast. As a defender it is imperative to be able to stick to your opposing attacker and not let them out of your sight. That requires a great deal of running and chasing them down. Having a pair of cleats that are not only light on your feet but also have the traction, like this 14 studded TPU outsole, will help you stay in control.

Brine Empress Cleats

3. Cascade Poly Arc Goggles

The main priority as a defender is to do everything you can to keep the ball out of your own goal. That may mean getting into some sticky situations where sticks are clashing and the ball is flying right by you. The Cascade Poly Arc goggles will not form to your face due to the Poly Carbonate frame, they will also keep you protected. The titanium version then takes it up a notch with lighter weight material for less bulk.

Cascade Poly Arc Goggles

4. Brine Stick Bag

There are no frills when it comes to defending your goal. The objective is simple. Same goes for the Brine Stick Bag which features a clean, stylish look and all the essential compartments to carry your belongings.

Brine Stick Bag

Pick up all the essential gear for the midfielder in your life this holiday season from LACROSSE.COM.