GIFT GUIDE – Men’s Midfield

Shopping for a lacrosse player who is a midfielder? Do they revel in their power to dominate on both ends of the field? Are they in need of gear that won’t slow them down as they run the length of the field, over and over again? If any of the above are true, we have a list of top products that will suit the needs of any midfielder this holiday season.

1. Nike Lakota Head
The Lakota is a solid all-around head for the midfielder who may be more offensive minded, but needs a stick that can handle a beating on the defensive end. The reinforced lower sidewalls offer increased stability and durability game after game. The sidewall strut design lends itself to a more mid-high pocket for those middies that need to get their passes and shots off quickly. You know this a great head when all of the Thompson brothers use it over any other stick out there.

Nike Lakota
2. Epoch Gen. 6 Dragonfly C30 IQ9 Shaft
Epoch has made a name for itself with their revolutionary carbon fiber shafts and their Dragonfly certainly leads the way. Now back and better than ever, the Gen. 6 model features their new Torque Box technology that helps provide a more consistent playing experience when shooting or passing. The IQ9 version of the Dragonfly also provides the highest level of flex which will help add more power to your shot.

Epoch Gen. 6 Dragonfly
3. adidas Adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats
For a midfielder in lacrosse, like many sports that require a great deal of back and forth running, it is very important to lace up in the lightest cleats available. That is where the new adidas adizero 5-Star 4.0 cleats come into play. Taking inspiration from the soccer world where it is important to provide the lightest footwear on the market, the adizero 5-Star 4.0 cleats are some of the lightest yet for a lacrosse player, while also providing the level of stability and protection our sport requires. These cleats also come in a mid or low style to fit your player’s preference.

adidas adizero 5-Star 4.0 Cleats
4. Warrior Rabil Gloves
Warrior worked very closely with Paul Rabil, the reigning MLL MVP, to create a new line of protective equipment that focuses heavily on mobility. Rabil is one of the most dynamic midfielders to play the game today and he thoroughly understands the value protective equipment can add to your game when it does not hold you back. The new TotalFLX Cuff system featured in these gloves provides an unmatched range of motion while also adding a level of protection for your wrists.

Warrior Rabil Glove
Pick up all the essential gear for the midfielder in your life this holiday season from LACROSSE.COM.