GIFT GUIDE – Men’s Attack

Shopping for a lacrosse player who is an attackman? Do they call the X their home and feel comfortable tiptoeing the crease? Do they ferociously attack the defense on a turnover with hopes of regaining possession and getting a layup goal? If any of the above are true, we have a list of top products that will bring joy to any attackman this holiday season.

1. Maverik Apollo Shaft
Maverik’s lightest shaft offering, the new Apollo is built for the ultimate speed player. The Scandium-Titanium blend is reinforced with the new Dynamic Wall Taper, an extrusion process that tapers the wall thickness, adding extra support where most crucial. This lightweight shaft will help any attackman throw split-second fakes before burying the biscuit.

Maverik Apollo
2. Under Armour Vital Head
Attackmen’s sticks take a lot of abuse from opposing defensemen so it is crucial to have an extra stiff head that won’t buckle under the pressure. The Vital is Under Armour’s top offensive minded head. It features Glide Scoop technology that makes grabbing those GB’s a breeze. The energy Transfer Ribs are designed to absorb impact, making it easier to fight through any battle while still getting your shots on goal.

Under Armour Vital
3. STX Surgeon 500 Gloves
Designed for the ultimate precision players who require heavy duty protection while also being able to make pinpoint movements in order to place their shots. STX filled up the thumb area with deflective, carbon fiber-reinforced thumb blocks in order to keep your valuable appendages safe in games. Iso-Thumb technology also provides a next level amount of mobility, giving the player a natural feel and effortless 360 degree rotation.

STX Surgeon 500 Gloves
4. Nike Huarache V Cleats
In the latest line of Huarache lacrosse cleats, the fifth version takes inspiration from a Chinese Finger Trap which helps lock in your feet while making explosive movement on the field. From the conical studs to the sidewall shovel cleats, the Huarache V cleats provide an unparalleled level of traction. The Huarache V cleats come in a wide variety of colors to fit any team look but also come in a limited edition Water Pack inspired by the obstacles Nike Pro Jeremy Thompson has battled through.

Nike Huarache V Water Pack

Pick up all the essential gear for the attackman in your life this holiday season from LACROSSE.COM.