Brand Loyalist Gift Guide

GIFT GUIDE – Brand Loyalists

Are you shopping for someone this holiday season and you know they always wear the same brand of gear? Are they dressed head to toe in Nike, adidas or Under Armour apparel and then hit the field using their gear too? Have they grown up playing lacrosse with some of the founding brands like Warrior, STX & Brine and will always use their equipment? When you know for certain they are in love with a certain brand, we are here to help as we carry gear from all the top brands in lacrosse & more!



The swoosh is an undeniable icon of our generation and one that has made a tremendous impact in the sports world. It is very clear that they are fully vested in our sport and want to provide lacrosse players with all the tools necessary to succeed. Whether you are just training for the season, want to wear stylish apparel in your everyday life or suit up with some elite level gear for game day, Nike has you covered.

Nike Line

Under Armour

Under Armour has one goal in mind, and that is to provide you as an athlete with all necessary equipment to succeed at your sport.  Their technological advances in footwear and equipment truly allow you to command every moment on and off the field. We have a full selection of training, game day and lifestyle gear for all Under Armour fans to prepare for the season ahead.

Under Armour Line


Warrior products offer a very bold statement for all those that wear & use their gear. That statement, they are ready to cross the line to greatness. Warrior has partnered with some of the game’s greatest players, like Paul Rabil & Rob Pannell, over many years to continuously provide exciting and innovative products for all lacrosse enthusiasts.

Warrior Line


Where tradition meets innovation, Brine stands tall as leading equipment provider in lacrosse. After years of research and development, Brine continues to build upon the success of their products for men and women to provide top of the line gear for any playing situation.

Brine Line


A player who suits up with STX is a one who plays with purpose. STX has been known to provide leading edge technology in all of their equipment for decades. Every year, they seem to always one up themselves with something new and innovative. STX is also known for building their gear strategically for the positions and types of players on the field, for men & women, so that you will have equipment that truly fits your playing style.

STX Line


Focused. Advanced. Personal. All of those terms can describe Maverik’s product offering as it is a hand crafted line of gear designed with the player in mind. Maverik fully buys into a smaller line of equipment as they know that their focused efforts on a single head or shaft for each position player will result in the best product for that type of player. This is very evident in their success with the Optik and now their new Centrik head.

Maverik Line


The level of innovation and technology found in the Epoch product line is unmatched. Currently in the 6th generation of Dragonfly shafts, Epoch creates their products with a mindset of thinking generations ahead. As they have started just producing shafts, they have now expanded their product offering into heads and mesh but who knows what is next for this growing brand.

Epoch Line


The newest player in the game, adidas is poised to make a large impact in lacrosse. As they are truly known for their footwear, they hope to use their expertise on field to provide equipment that does one thing for the lacrosse player. That is to make then faster. If you are a fan of adidas in any other sport, give their new lacrosse equipment a shot. If you buy now in December using promo code 3ADIDASLAX, you’ll receive an exclusive adidas/ sleeveless hoodie so you can train in style.

Adidas Line