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Father’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner so we wanted to give you a few ideas on what to get your old man. We all know that our dads are really our second coach. Even after games they are there to not only congratulate you on your performance but offer some helpful tips for the next game. Given their educational nature, it’s only right to stock them up with the proper equipment.


New Stick

Coaches will say it, pro players will say it, and your teammates will say it. You’ve got to hit the wall to improve your stick skills. But, as much as the wall will help you it is always good to play catch with a partner and no better person than your pops. Especially if your dad is not as familiar with the game of lacrosse, this will be your opportunity to teach him a thing or two. But before you step outside for a toss, gear up your dad with a new stick. For the best playing experience for your dad, we would recommend a LACROSSE.COM Player Pocket as they will provide a truly professional grade pocket that will be ready to use as soon as you receive it with no break in time.

Father's Day Sticks

New Threads

Now that you’ve got your dad out laxing with you, it’s time for him to look the part. Whether that’s repping your favorite MLL or NLL team or styling in some super comfortable and trendy Adrenaline apparel, you’ll be able to find the perfect outfit for your dad. Oh, and did we mention with our sale on men’s apparel you’ll be able to give the gift of an entire outfit for as low as $40!

Father's Day Apparel

New Kicks

With your dad now geared up to live the lacrosse lifestyle with you, the last piece to the equation is the footwear. If your old man still plays lacrosse with other older gentlemen, we have cleats that will keep him grounded. If your dad is the active type and will be training alongside you, then a new pair running shoes from the top brands will do the trick. Then at the end of the day your father needs some down time to relax and recover, we have a wide selection of leisure shoes that are so comfortable he will not want to take them off.

Father's Day Footwear

Now is a time to give back to the man who has been your second coach, your mentor and your friend and no better gift than the sport you love, lacrosse. If all else fails, there is always a LACROSSE.COM Gift Card to let him pick out exactly what he wants.


Happy Father’s Day!