Project Nine Medley Shooting Drill

Drill of the Month – Medley Shooting Drill

Most all lacrosse players love grabbing a bucket of balls, standing 15 feet from the cage and ripping shots. Although fun, you rarely get a shot on goal in that manner in an actual game. That is why it is vitally important to test your shot from a variety of distances, with feet set and on the run while focusing on both power and accuracy.

At the 2016 Project Nine camp, Paul Rabil led a group of offensive players through a Medley Shooting Drill that incorporated a time & room shooting, shooting on the run and finishing shots in front of the cage. Listen in to how Rabil walks his players through the Medley Shooting drill.

Here is a simple recap of the three shooting drills that make up the Medley Shooting drill. Keep in mind that all three portions should be done utilizing both hands so your players can improve their skills with their dominant and off hand.

Time & Room Shooting

Start the drill with your shooters lined up at the top of the box. As the coach, you will feed the shooters as they step into their shot. The shooters must focus on setting their base with a wide stance facing the goal while moving their stick into shooting position as the ball travels to them. Once the shooter receives the ball they should already be in position to release their shot without having to make a big cradle to get set for the shot. Last thing the shooter must focus on here is their follow through, making sure their back leg follows the shot.

Shooting Down the Alley

For this portion you will want to incorporate the teachings of time & room into a shot on the run. In a similar formation, the coach will feed their players but instead of following through on the shot they will work on throwing in a hitch step then run down the alley. The shooters will still set up as if they are going for a time & room shot but throwing in the hitch step will help create more space between them and their defender.

Finish in front of the cage

In this last portion, the shooter will cut through the crease to catch a feed from coach with a chance to finish a shot inside. The shooter will want to focus on using soft hands to catch and release the ball. Having soft hands is key to controlling the ball while getting off a quick shot. You will want to avoid overly dramatic stick fakes as the goal here is to catch and finish while cutting through the crease. A simple head or wrist fake will help throw the goalie off opening up your scoring possibilities.


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