Can carbon fiber change your game?

Originally designed for use on jet planes and space craft, carbon fiber has made its way into athletic gear.

Carbon fiber, with its distinctive woven appearance, is often seen as the Holy Grail of high performance gear because of its extreme strength and rigidity combined with it being super lightweight. We’ve seen carbon fiber in cleats, protective gear and now shafts.

Carbon fiber is ideal for shafts because it can withstand checks without sacrificing the quick moves of a lightweight shaft. Its strength-to-weight ratio is unmatched. Carbon fiber is the ultimate package of flexibility, strength, reduced weight and grip. It’s a great choice for attackmen or offense players. Note, often carbon fiber is listed as “composite” in shaft make-up.

Epoch has been at the forefront of the carbon shaft evolution. Their carbon fiber shafts have layers of different types of carbon fiber, which lets them control several performance aspects including flex, durability, weight and release point. The Dragonfly is their popular carbon fiber shaft.

East Coast Dyes also entered the shaft game with their carbon fiber offering.

However if you prefer a medium weight shaft, carbon fiber may not be for you.

A few to check out:
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