5 Reasons to love Warrior’s Blade OG

Known as the best face-off head ever made, Warrior has re-released a classic, the OG Blade. Here are 5 reasons that we’re so amped about this re-release:

1. The Warrior OG Blade features the exact same shape, mold and materials as the original, which was released in 2001. When it was first released it was known as the best head in the game for face-offs. It’s value grew even more when it was discontinued as the remaining Blades found their way to sites like eBay garnering an asking price as much as $400!



2. The pinch design (wider face with a pinched back) is exactly what face-off specialists need in a head. The overall angle of the sidewall creates the perfect pinch down on the ball when you are battling it out at the face-off x.

3. The Warrior OG Blade is flexible and durable, able to handle the battle that is the faceoff X. The flexibility combined with the pinch design creates a vacuum-like action, swooping up all the face-offs!


4. Face-offs are becoming a big specialty in today’s game, so the re-release of the OG Blade gives modern players a chance to suit up with some of the best gear to hit the field.
DU lacrosse player for Face Offs Chris Hampton.

5. Warrior only made a limited quantity of these, so if you want one, you’ve gotta move fast.



Shop the Warrior Blade OG (in HS specs only) at LACROSSE.COM.