Lacrosse Shoulder Pads/Rib Pads

Protection is without a doubt one of the most important components to look for when shopping for shoulder or rib pads. Shoulder pads slide over the head and rest right on your shoulders. They come with adjustable straps that loop underneath the lacrosse player’s armpits onto the chest. Aside from protecting the shoulders, correctly fitting shoulder pads should protect the sternum and upper arms. Most shoulder pads have removable upper arm guards which are easily adjusted. Many of the shoulder pads we sell have hard plastic shells on the high impact areas for maximum protection, and also meet the needs of all lacrosse players, providing optimal mobility and ventilation. Shoulder pads should fit tightly to the body.

Rib pads are not required to play the game of lacrosse, however many players choose to wear them, especially attack and midfielders. Rib pads are similar to suspenders and are worn with adjustable straps that sling over the shoulders and fit securely to protect your ribs, hips and sides. Most rib pads consist of durable, well ventilated foam which fit comfortably over the body and allow you to play at full speed with maximum mobility.