Lacrosse Gloves

There are several things to look at when buying a pair of lacrosse gloves. The size of the glove is an important factor to consider, as well as protective features, what material it is made out of, ventilation, and dexterity. Many gloves now offer a wrist cuff which can be adjusted by various means to fit securely to your wrist and provide you with maximum comfort and protection. Lacrosse is a high paced game. Running up and down the field can be an intense work out, and having gloves that are well ventilated, allowing air to circulate in and around your fingers is crucial. All gloves take a little while to break in, though some take longer than others. The materials gloves are made out of differ. A glove with a mesh palm may be easier to play with, and provide great feel as well as ventilation. When buying lacrosse gloves you want to look for protection, ventilation, weight and flexibility.