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Lacrosse Helmets

The lacrosse helmet is the most important protective piece of equipment for every lacrosse player. The lacrosse helmet protects playerd from big hits, shots and concussions. The sizing of lacrosse helmets vary based on the manufacturer of the helmet. Some lacrosse helmets are based on sizes like XXS (extra extra small for youth lacrosse players) to XL (extra large for high school/college lacrosse players) or other lacrosse helmets are one size fits most. The lacrosse helmet is made up of a hard plastic outer shell with protective padding in the inside, a metal face mask and a chinstrap to keep the helmet from moving out of place. Vents are added in the top of helmets to allow air to move freely. There is no lacrosse helmet that is made for a specific position but a goalie must use a throat gaurd attatched to the helmet to play.
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Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet

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STX  Stallion 500 Helmet


STX Stallion 100 Helmet


Cascade CPV-R Helmet


Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet

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Warrior TII Matte Lacrosse Helmet

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Cascade CS-R Youth Helmet


Under Armour CLA Box Mask

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Warrior TII Lacrosse Helmet

$179.99 SAVE $20.00!

R Helmet


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