Denver Pioneers

Warrior and Their Teams

The Warrior Lacrosse brand has deep roots in the sport of lacrosse and year after year they continue to bring innovation to the game. Their brand is also one that does not follow the norm. They prefer to stand out and let their voice be heard. That is why they have partnered with a list of collegiate programs that are posed to make some noise this season. One such program are the Pioneers from Denver University. Their mascot is quite fitting as they are the first team west of the Mississippi to claim the NCAA Division I National Championship. How’s that for standing out and making some noise?

Here are a few of the Warrior teams that Lacrosse All Stars wanted to pay close attention to in the 2016 season.

Denver Pioneers

Denver – The defending national champs have a proven system, talent all over, and a coach who knows how to build a dynasty. The Pioneers are the favorite to win the Big East, and while they have to replace Wes Berg, the cupboard is far from bare. If Trevor Baptiste gets better as a sophomore, that means even more possessions for Denver, and a tough game for anyone the Pioneers face.

Princeton – The Ivy League should be really tight this year, and it’s possible we’ll see 5 teams in the top 20 on a regular basis. If Princeton can get through the Ivy gauntlet, they will be tested and potentially ready for post-season success. New faces could see time for the Tigers, but that gives them plenty of potential as an Ivy League sleeper.

UMass – The Minutemen started out 0-5 last year, but battled back and finished the year going 5-5, with three of their losses coming by only one goal. In a lot of cases, UMass was in games even late, and their record didn’t reflect their potential. The Minutemen possess a tough schedule for 2016, and cannot afford to start out 0-5 again. A couple big wins early on (Umass has 3 games in February) could be just what UMass needs.

Drexel – When Drexel slowed games down, got long quality possessions, and played team defense the Dragons were very competitive, but when games got into higher scoring regions, the Dragons lacked the firepower to keep up. If Drexel can dictate pace of play, they have the potential to emerge as a sleeper in 2016.


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