Upgrade Your Head – HS to NCAA

At the start of 2018, all men’s lacrosse heads that are designed under the HS or NFHS-Only specifications will be prohibited from use in high school play. This applies only to field player heads, not goalie heads.

End are the days of two sets of head specifications and endless questions about which type of head can be used in what game, league or tournament. These new rules will not only help manufacturers streamline the production of lacrosse heads but will address uncertainty in the buying process for lacrosse players moving forward. From now on, field players will be required to use a lacrosse head that meets NCAA specifications. Those specifications are listed below.


Measurement from Throat (inches) Minimum Distance Between Narrowest Point of Head (inches)
1.25 3 (All Measurements)
3 3 (All Measurements)
5 3.5 to 4 on front; 3.5 on back
Widest Point 6 (All Measurements)

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