2016 UA Men's Cleats

Under Armour’s 2016 Men’s Cleat Line-Up

There is no singular type of athlete that plays lacrosse. There are players who are endurance fanatics, heavyweight hitters, sprinters, all-around athletes and more. Just as there is no defined type of lacrosse athlete, there should not be a defined type of footwear for those athletes. That is why Under Armour has expanded their footwear collection to match the many different styles found on the lacrosse field.

The Lax Highlight MC

Originally pulled from their football line, the Highlight cleats have become supremely popular in lacrosse. Known for their unique extreme-high top look, the Highlight cleats were designed for stability and control. The combination of Under Armours Clutchfit technology and their Plasma X Cleat plate makes their Highlight MC line perfect for the type of player who changes directions in a split second. Wearing a pair of Highlight MC’s, you will feel locked in and secure while making ankle breaking dodges.

The Banshee MC

UA Banshee MC

Designed as a true lacrosse cleat, the Under Armour Banshee MC provides the perfect combination of stability and speed. What sets the Banshees apart from the pack is their mix of bladed cleats and comical studs which will provide a great deal of traction during any multi-directional cut. Coming in as a mid or low profile cleat packed with a molded 4D Foam footbed, you are sure to experience a customized fit & feel when you slip on a pair of Banshees.

The Speedform MC

UA Speedform MC

From its name you know these cleats are constructed to accelerate your game. The Speedform MC displays a molded foot design which is engineered to fit your foot perfectly. Lighter weight and reduced materials means no drag, no distractions, just explosiveness. If you are a player that is known for always being the fastest up and down the field, the new Speedforms are a necessity.

The Ripshot MC

UA Ripshot MC

Looking for a true lacrosse cleat at an unbelievable value? Look no further than the new Under Armour Ripshot MC. With a similar true lacrosse design as the banshee, the Ripshot Mid MC cleats utilize a slightly different synthetic material which brings these cleats in at a great price.

No matter what your playing style is on the field, Under Armour has a pair of cleats to suit you. Make sure to check out the full selection of Under Armour cleats now at LACROSSE.COM.