Youth Clinic

Trilogy PSA – How to run a great youth clinic

As the sport of lacrosse has grown, the number of clinics and camps have grown with it. Today, you’ll find clinics hosted by current or former pro players, local colleges or even just local lacrosse enthusiasts. With the increased number of options, how do you as a parent and player pick the right one? On the other hand, if you are that former college player or lacrosse enthusiast looking to start up a clinic in your area, how can you ensure you’re running a great program? Mitch Belisle from Trilogy Lacrosse has put together a Public Service Announcement on this very topic to help everyone out!

To recap what Belisle said in the video here is a list of things to consider when starting your own clinic or looking to sign your kid up for one.


  1. Be prepared – Ensure all of your coaches are full informed on the details of the clinic from the dress code to the practice schedule. It is always good to get to the clinic early as well to greet and meet the players before the clinic starts.
  2. Check in sheets – Keeping an organized check in sheet will allow you to know exactly who is at your clinic and how many players total you have to instruct. Knowing these numbers will help you plan your schedule and utilize your space more effectively.
  3. Minute by Minute schedule – Having excess down time can derail a clinic so it is important to have every drill scheduled out and that you are making the most of yours and the player’s time. It is equally important to schedule out breaks so the kids can rest and hydrate.
  4. 1 on 1 instruction – Players sign up for these clinics to improve their skills so when a kid is having a tough time grasping a new concept, pull them aside and work with them directly to make sure they understand. The effectiveness of the clinic can ultimately be determined by the level of improvement the player and parents notice after the program.
  5. For Parents – While researching clinics a few things to take a look at are the folks running the program and their existing track record. Is this their first clinic they have run or have they been all over the country? It is also important to take note of the level of communication before the clinic to gauge how well organized the group is.
  6. For Coaches – Planning ahead is absolutely key! What comes with planning ahead is communicating those plans to all of your coaches as well as to the players and parents who will be attending so they know what to expect the day of the clinic. Also, as we mentioned before it is critical to schedule every minute of the clinic so that all parties involved are getting the most out of their experience.


For more information on Trilogy Lacrosse camps and clinics, check out their website and sign up for one today. If you’re a coach setting up your first clinic and need equipment and gear, contact our Team Sales department at