Throne Lacrosse Picks Out Best Sticks by Position

In light of all the new equipment releases for the 2016 season, we posed a question to our friends at Throne Lacrosse. That question was, if you could choose a stick combination for each position, what would those combinations be? We then pushed them a bit further asking them to pair their sticks with an ideal pocket to truly outfit each position player with the best stick out there.  The results are the following.


Midfield – lightweight but strong, adaptable for both ends of the field

  • Head: Maverik Centrik U
  • Shaft: Maverik Apollo 30”
  • Suggested Pocket: Type M Pocket
  • Mesh: Throne Lite Mesh & Strings

Throne Lacrosse Midfield

This Maverik stick embodies a perfect combination of strength and light weight. When the Centrik U and Apollo shaft are assembled, they provide the ultimate weapon for any two-way midfielder. The industry leading lightweight of the Apollo shaft will feel like you’re carrying next to nothing on the offensive side while the durability of the Centrik U will provide that extra punch you need on the defensive side.  In combination with the suggested Throne Lite Type M Pocket this ground ball machine will have you throwing dimes.


Attack – Flex for increased shot speed and feeding capabilities

  • Head: Brine Clutch 4 X
  • Shaft: Epoch Dragonfly Gen 6. C30 IQ9
  • Suggested Pocket: Type A Pocket
  • Mesh: Throne Lite Mesh & Strings

Throne Lacrosse Attack

This Brine-Epoch set up is the answer to any scoring drought. Utilizing the highest flex point for an Epoch Dragonfly, you will enjoy an increased shot speed on a consistent basis thanks to the new Torque Box technology introduced in the Gen. 6 line. The Brine Clutch IV will then provide unmatched ball control thanks to the stiff design from their Vari-Flex system found in the throat of the head. Matched with the suggested Throne Lite Type A Pocket you’ll be breaking ankles and picking corners.


Defense – Light weight, strong, smooth release for perfect clearing

  • Head: Warrior Regulator X
  • Shaft: Warrior Regulator 60”
  • Suggested Pocket: Type X Pocket
  • Mesh: Throne Lite Mesh & Strings

Throne Lacrosse Defense

This complete defenisive stick set up will have you feeling like a warrior on the field. Designed for the do-it-all defender, the Warrior Regulator X head will lock into the Regulator 60” shaft for a solid stick ready to pick apart the opposing offense. Combined with the suggested Throne Lite Type X Pocket, this monster will have you making plays on defense, in transition and even on offense.


Goalie – Light weight, speed grip for extra hold when receiving shots paired with a classic head & pocket

  • Head: STX Eclipse
  • Shaft: Maverik A1 40”
  • Suggested Pocket: Citadel Pocket
  • Mesh: 12 Diamond Throne Goalie Mesh

Throne Lacrosse Goalie

This STX-Maverik set up is as good as it gets between the pipes. The Maverik A1 shafts is built with their signature Speed Shape and Gritgrip which will equip you with unbelievable control and stopping power. Attach the STX Eclipse head and you have a complete stick ready to gobble up any shot you are faced with. Paired up with the Throne Lacrosse 12D Citadel Pocket, this stick will provide balance, rebound control and beautiful clearing.


Coming soon, Throne Lacrosse will release a full video review on each of these stick combinations further explaining why they chose the combinations they did and how they will benefit you on field. Pick up these Throne Lacrosse complete stick packages now at LACROSSE.COM and put them to the real test!