The STX Exult Play Test


Today I am going to introduce you to the STX Exult women’s complete stick. This stick is designed for the versatility that a midfielder demands. Built with an STX 10 degree composite shaft, it can also be paired with the Nike Lunar. The composite shaft provides a lightweight feel, and the combined technology of the 10-degree angle brings added accuracy to your shot. I find that I prefer tape on this shaft, because the smooth texture can cause my hands to slip. I like to tape the base of my shaft as well as the upper midsection for the perfect grip and ultimate control.


The head construction alone is something to brag about. As you begin to develop more and more as a player and a midfielder, certain aspects of a head become required for top performance. The low sidewalls allow for the deepest possible legal pocket. I find the STX launch pocket to be a fan favorite and I can understand why. The chevrons hug the ball, bringing it right to the sweet spot or the center of your pocket, and hold it there. This 10-degree pocket provides a quick release and impeccable ball control. The wider and more defined scoop makes picking up tough groundballs on the run effortless.


This STX Exult only adds to your skill level. It works with you as you begin to progress as a player. Although it is one of the more expensive sticks on the market, it is worth the investment for any and all midfielders dedicated to the game. The midfield position demands a certain level of precision and focus, as you are continually running at a fast pace while passing and catching on the move. The Exult gives you the ability to focus more on the game and less on the stick. It acts as an extension of your body. Make the investment today and see enhancements in your game tomorrow.