Summer Tour Week 8

It is week 8 of our Summer Tour, and this week we are taking it to a whole new level. This week you can find us on both the East coast and the West coast. Our crew on the East coast will be hitting up the Under Armour All American games in Baltimore, MD, while our crew on the West coast will be surfing and soaking up the rays at the Warrior Pacific Surf in Sacramento, CA.

During the Under Armour All American games, we will be posting behind the scenes footage everyday. Make sure to follow Lacrossedotcom on all of our social media handles, and keep up with the games as well as exclusive previews of the UAAA gear.

In between waves, our crew in Sacramento, CA will be handing out some sweet deals. Find some of the hottest gear and sign up for a chance to be completely outfitted in new gear. We look forward to seeing you there.


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