Stringing Tips

Stringing Tips from the Pros

Lacrosse allows its players to personalize their game more than most sports. The primary way an athlete can show off their personality on the field is through their stick and how the head is strung. Players have their own preferences when it comes to the level of whip and hold, as well as the placement of their pocket.  Both things are dependent upon how they string up their stick and what materials they use.

We have connected with some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable stringers to bring you a few tips to remember when you are working on your next stringing project.


Tip #1 from Chris at Throne Lacrosse:

“Starting off, you want to make sure the mesh is fully stretched out across the top to allow the most flexibility when stringing up the top strings. You will then want to pull down on the mesh from the top to help form the pocket and channel you hope to create.”

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Tip #2 from Greg of East Coast Dyes:

“The most important thing to consider when stringing a stick is to keep the sidewall strings tight and make sure that both sidewalls are strung exactly the same. Pulling the sidewall strings as tight as possible (so there is no slack) makes sure the pocket throws the exact same every time. Ensuring that both sides are strung exactly the same will ensure that the ball releases straight.”

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Tip #3 from Jeff of StringKing:

“I’m a little biased here, but the one tip I would give to anyone learning to string is to check out We have dedicated a ton of time and effort into making the best lacrosse pocket resource available. We have easy to follow stringing tutorials and pocket profiles for every head on the market. A full page on shooter set ups… literally everything any stringer needs. We’re finding that over 90% of first time stringers are completing their pocket in ~90 minutes or less, and the pockets are coming out well.

The main tips I would offer when stringing are:

  • The knots used on the side and top of the head need to be very tight
  • The length of the bottom string can be adjusted for optimal/legal pocket depth
  • The shooters should be at the same tension as the mesh”

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