Stick Combos

Stick Combinations Under $150

Whether you’re looking for a new gamer or a backup stick there are a few things you always want to consider before making your purchase. You’ll want to take a look at the position you play, your playing style and most importantly your budget. That is why we have come up with a list of possible stick combinations that match up to a number of player types and all come in at $150 or less giving you the most bang for your buck.

Command + Wonderboy

Under Armour Command + Maverik Wonderboy 30” = $120

Recently hitting the field, the Command head comes to the game as Under Armours most versatile head. Built with all-weather nylon material, the Command is constructed to stand up tall under any playing condition. Similarly, the Maverik Wonderboy shaft is a tried and true handle that was one of the first shafts from Maverik that helped launch the brand to new heights. Designed with Maverik’s signature shape, the Wonderboy will provide unbelievable grip. Due to its versatile nature, the complete stick pairing would work great for any midfielder who sees an equal amount of time on both ends of the field.

Lakota + Clutch

Nike Lakota + Brine Clutch 30” = $145

Are you an offensive player that is so versatile you spend time on both attack and midfield? Then the combination of the Nike Lakota and Brine Clutch handle is for you. The Lakota has become a favorite among the Thompson brothers for its lightweight, stiff nature and its pointed design which helps when grabbing up ground balls. The sidewall stringing options also gives you a wide array of stringing options to allow for a high, mid or low pocket depending on your playing style. The Brine Clutch handle was designed for speed from the ground up. Constructed with Brine’s lightweight SL2 Alloy in a traditional shape with rounded edges giving you a natural feel on your stick. No matter what position you play on the field, this offensive stick will help take your game to the next level.

Sequel + Ice

Epoch Hawk Sequel + Gait Ice 30” = $150

If you’re looking for a lightweight complete stick, look no further. The Epoch Hawk Sequel ranks among some of the lightest heads in the game today. With its unique laid back profile, the Sequel is set up naturally for a high pocket design which will give you a supremely quick release. The Gait Ice has long been the lightest handle on the market, becoming an example of superior craftsmanship. This shaft is not only light, but strong as it has been cryogenically treated to -310 degrees to ensure enhanced strength and durability. When paired together, this complete stick will work great for the offensive minded midfielder who likes to push the pace and make all of their plays on the run.

Metrik + Dragonfly

Maverik Metrik HS + Epoch Dragonfly Gen. 5 C30 IQ9 = $125

The Metrik head may not be the newest in the Maverik line up, but it continues to be one of their most popular. That is due to its narrow and stiff face shape which gives the offensive player a very consistent playing experience. When matched with the Epoch Dragonfly Gen. 5 C30 IQ9 your dependable shot will pack a punch as the highest level of flex on the Dragonfly will give you an extra edge. This would be an outstanding complete stick option for an attackman who strives for pin point accuracy on the crease but also looks to take some outside bombs every now and then.

Vapor + Vandal

Nike Vapor + Nike Vandal 30” = $130

When the Nike Vapor head is paired with the Nike Vandal shaft it becomes an offensive weapon. The Vapor features a sleek, lightweight design with a narrow face shape which provides you with an optimal balance between the catching area and ball retention. The stiffness of the head also speaks to its consistency. The Vandal handle is formulated with a scandium material which is not only lightweight but has become one of the most dependable in the game today. Topped off with a rubberized coating, you’ll experience an incredible grip on your stick. Any attackman today will certainly appreciate this sticks strong yet lightweight nature.

Hammer + Stallion

STX Hammer + STX Stallion 7000 60” = $150

Power, endurance and dependability all define the combination of the STX Hammer head with the STX Stallion 7000 shaft. The Hammer is not only one of STX’s most popular defensive heads, but one of the most trusted overall in the game today. Its wide face shape reinforced with 3 stiff sidewall struts that are built with STX’s C-Channel technology any defensive player will go into their game knowing their stick can handle anything. The defensive Stallion shaft is built with a 7000 series alloy which is most notable for its lightweight nature making it easier for the player to throw vicious checks with ease. This stick combination is perfect for any defenseman looking to step their game up to the next level.

Eraser + Shield

Brine Eraser + STX Shield = $140

Are you looking to become an unstoppable goalie? Then you’ll want to pair together two of the most popular pieces of goalie equipment in the Brine Eraser head and STX Shield shaft. The Eraser features and offset design for added control and an open sidewall to reduce the overall weight. The STX Shield shaft is made of a 7075 alloy material and constructed in a tear drop shape giving you a comfortable feel for ultimate control.

Let us know what you think about these stick combinations and if they fit your game. If not, take a look at our full selection of heads and shafts for the season.