X's and O's with Ryan Boyle

Ryan Boyle X’s and O’s – 2 Circle Formation

For our latest team drill, we wanted to share insight from one of the greatest to ever play lacrosse, Ryan Boyle. Boyle is the Founder and CEO of Trilogy Lacrosse and his mission with Trilogy Lacrosse is to elevate the understanding of the game while developing strong characters within our sport.

Today, Boyle walks us through the circle formation. This formation is quite popular because of its versatility and also ease of understanding for teams and players across age ranges.

To sum up the video, Boyle draws out a wide 2-2-2 set creating a circle around the crease. Functionally this set, due to its wide formation, should make passing between players relatively easy to complete. This formation also allows you to run a number of set plays through this set depending on how you want your players to interact in the set.

One route you can go in the circle set is to develop three 2 man games. This allows your players to focus on pick plays with a single player or spot instead of a rotation with the entire set. These pairs will work together to set picks for one another as the ball rotates around the circle. A piece of advice on this would be to avoid setting immediate picks between players as it will easily be read by the defense. Instead, move the ball around the horn then set picks off adjacent passes so that your movements are not as recognizable to the defense.

If you or your players do not want to run three 2 man pairs, the circle set can utilize individual cut through picks at any given time. Similarly, you will want to time those picks right as you move the ball around the circle. When setting these picks, as Boyle points out, your players will need to cut in to just a few feet off the line of the cage before shooting out. This is important so that the player running off the pick will have room to run towards the cage rather than running off to the sidelines.

If you are looking for a set that will be easily understood by your players and also one that you can run a number of different set plays through, the 2-2-2 circle formation will be a great option for you. For more ideas on lacrosse formations check out other instructional videos from Ryan Boyle and Lacrosse Magazine and for all of your uniform and equipment needs contact the LACROSSE.COM sales team at teamlax@sportsendeavors.com or call 1-800-967-4625.