Nike Lacrosse reveals new Huarache 5

For the first time in The Ride’s history a brand new product from Nike Lacrosse was revealed, the all-new Huarache 5’s. At Nike, Huarache is an iconic name in the lacrosse world but Eric Avar explained how its legacy spans much further than just lacrosse.DSCF0393

Started as simple running shoe designed with the bare essentials, the Huarache was a shoe meant to set a new example for athletic footwear. It made its way through the running scene, then basketball, and now serves as the marquee cleat for lacrosse.

Nike Huarache V Water Pack

Getting to the main attraction, host Quint Kessenich introduced two of the minds behind the limited edition Water Pack footwear series, Senior Footwear Designer Jeff Rasmussen and Nike Pro Athlete Jeremy Thompson. Rasmussen explained how the redesigned Huarache 5 maintains its roots with the original shoe by stripping the cleat of all unnecessary weight, and focusing on the key points of impact that are specific to the sport of lacrosse.

Nike Huarache V Water Pack

Pulling in features from the Nike Free Trainer 5.0, the new cleat design was inspired by the Chinese finger trap with the intention of locking in the athlete’s foot in the shoe when making ankle-breaking dodges.

Nike Huarache V Water Pack

Equally intriguing is the technology behind the cleat, Jeremy revealed the story behind the coloration and overall style of the shoe. Tied closely to his personal life, the unique color choices for the Water Pack symbolize a revelation during a dark time for Jeremy. During this time, his father led Jeremy out to a creek on their reservation for some reflection. Standing in that creek Jeremy connected with the water as a symbol of perseverance, an object that always finds a way out. The primary black color on the shoe represents that dark time while the blue swoosh embodies the water finding its way out.


The Nike Huarache 5 Limited Edition Water Pack and the in-line Huarache 5 cleats will be available on LACROSSE.COM later this fall so make sure to check back in and get your pair. For more photos of the cleat release, check out our Facebook album.