Cannons @ Launch

MLL Game of the Week – Cannons at Launch

This past weekend at the MLL All-Star game, both the Florida Launch and the Boston Cannons proved just how exceptional their teams really are. Represented at the All-Star game, for the Boston Cannons: Craig Bunker, Mitch Belisle, Scott Ratliff, Max Seibald, and Will Manny. Represented for the Florida Launch: Tucker Durkin, Kieran McArdle, and Casey Powell.

The Launch is currently sitting on seven losses and only one win. The question on everyone’s mind this week will be, “will this week be another loss, or will they be able to taken home their second win?”  With Casey Powell and the Thompson brothers, anything is possible.

Launch Duo

The Cannons now hold an even four wins and four losses.  This game will be the deciding factor, between one more win and one more loss. Will Manny and will be a major player to watch, after scoring three goals and ending the third with a hat trick that put his team in the lead, 18-10. Kieran McArdle made a quick comeback, scoring with only fifteen seconds left, to make the score 18-11.

This week’s game will not be lacking for excitement. Remember to pick up your Florida Launch and Boston Cannons fan apparel from, and represent your team all week long. Catch the game at 7:00pm EST, on ESPN3!

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