May Madness Bracket Challenge Women’s Edition Championship

The women’s NCAA Championship game will host a familiar match-up as the Tar Heels will take on the Terps. This game will be a rematch of the 2013 Championship title and the Terps will surely look for revenge as the heels claimed the trophy that year. Both programs have a history for success similar to the history of Nike and deBeer. In the final round of our May Madness Bracket Challenge Women’s Edition, we face-off the Nike Lunar and the deBeer Spire. Cast your vote below to let us and the world know which stick you believe should be crowned Champion!

Lunar vs Spire

Nike Lunar

The Nike Lunar features 10 degree tilt technology creates increased shot torque and power, perfect for players who get in tight situations near the crease. Elastomer overmold reduces ball spin for excellent ball feel and sweet spot control, giving high performance attackers, like the Duke Blue Devil’s offense, the added confidence to expertly navigate through multiple defenders. The pointed scoop promotes laser point accuracy on shots and passes, in addition to the extreme scoop angle for the added whip in your shot. Minimum sidewall height allows for the deepest legal pocket.

deBeer Spire

The Spire head features a max-drop V-scoop for maximum ball control, while also allowing for a quick release on passes and shots. The narrow throat serves as an added control mechanism for the quick hands of elite attackers. For Syracuse’s top performing offense this stick enables the Cuse attackers to get more power behind their shot while expending less effort.

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Which stick is your favorite?

Voting ends at midnight on Monday May 25th so get your votes in now! Stay tuned for news on which stick will be crowned Champion and who will be selected as our lucky winner of that very stick.

Finals Bracket