May Madness Bracket Challenge

May Madness 2016 Bracket Challenge Championship

With the narrowest of margins, we have our 2016 May Madness Bracket Challenge Championship match up set!

Our Championship round kicks off on the heels of a truly exciting first round of NCAA tournament play for both the men’s and women’s sides. There were a handful of upsets including both #2 seeds (Denver and Florida) dropping out of the tournament in the first round. There were also a number of nail biters such as UNC’s 10-9 win over Marquette and Syracuse’s 7-6 victory over Stony Brook. Similarly, the two contests in our May Madness Bracket Challenge were almost too close to call. But, with every playoff bracket there needs to be a championship match up. So without further ado, your 2016 May Madness Bracket Championship round will feature the Nike Lakota and the Maverik Centrik!

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Nike Lakota vs Maverik Centrik

The 2016 Championship match up between the Nike Lakota and Maverik Centrik is eerily similar to our 2015 May Madness Championship where the Lakota faced one of Maverik’s other offensive minded heads, the Optik. In that battle, the Lakota won and has continued to be a favorite in our 2016 tournament as it bested the STX Duel with a solid 58.3% of the votes. It seemed as if destiny was calling for another Nike vs Maverik challenge as the Centrik won out its poll by just a hair pulling in 50.1% of the votes after the StringKing Mark 1 had been leading in the polls for most of the week. Question is, will the Lakota claim its second May Madness Championship or will Maverik finally take the top spot?



Nike Lakota

Head Spec: Universal or HS

Position Recommendation: Attack/Midfield

Featured Technology: Reinforced lower sidewall

Key Details: The Nike Lakota is not a new head to the market, but over the years it has proven to be one of the most popular among top athletes such as the Thompson brothers for its stiff construction and pinched design. The narrow face shape plus the pointed scoop gives you a tremendous ball control and allows for a natural channel when stringing it up.


Maverik Centrik

Head Spec: Universal or HS

Position Recommendation: Midfield/Defense

Featured Technology: Cored out 3 Strut Sidewall

Key Details: Maverik is known for building products that fit a specific position and playing style, but the Centrik in a sense breaks that mold. This new head is tough enough for a defenseman while light and narrow enough for the offensive player. The very stiff 3 strut sidewall design is cored out to reduce the overall weight of the head making it a great weapon for both ends of the field.

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Now that you have placed your votes, make sure to share the image of your top pick to win the bracket on your Instagram or Twitter account using #MayMadnessGiveaway for a chance to win your favorite head from the pool. Make sure to get your votes in now as the Championship poll will close at midnight on Sunday, May 22nd. While you wait, check out the extensive selection of heads at LACROSSE.COM.