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Maverik Centrik – LACROSSE.COM Review

By Sam Margulis

The Maverik Centrik is a do it all offensive head. It has a great face shape and offset and strings up very well. Any offensive player looking for a durable head that can withstand any battle on the defensive end while staying sharp and precise on the offensive side will love the Centrik.

Company: Maverik  Product: Centrik  Price: $94.99

Appearance: 9/10

The Centrik is a beautifully designed head. From a small detail like the hollowed out areas to decrease weight to the matte finish, this is one pretty head. The Centrik is an update and upgrade on the Metrik head.  The Centrik face shape is reminiscent of the Warrior Evo 3x which also was a bit wider and had an awesome scoop for easy groundballs. The Centrik stays consistent with Maverik’s new design direction and is very similar in styling to the Optik and Tank heads. I love the shape and look of this head so I gave it a ranking of 9/10.

Maverik Centrik

Stringing: 9/10

I strung the Centrik with warrior’s regulator ballistic mesh. The wide scoop allowed me to pull a 9 diamond topstring tight and helped to start form a channel. The Centrik features 17 sidewall holes and 6 top string holes. This means there are endless options for stringing. The level four bottom rail leads to the head being perfect for a mid-high pocket which I topped off with a nylon and two straight shooters. Based on the amount of stringing holes and ease of stringing I would rate it 9/10.

Stiffness: 8/10

The Centrik is fairly stiff offensive head. It is stiff enough that offensive players will be able to shoot accurately and also throw checks on defense. The head features a wide face and has a stiff scoop that gives just a little on groundballs. It is very difficult to bend the head left or right but when pinching it in your hands there is a little bit of give. This give, however, is a good thing. If the head was too rigid it would snap rather than bend. Based on my testing I would rate stiffness an 8/10.

Maverik Centrik

Durability: 7/10

The Centrik has sidewall struts that are cored out to reduce weight. The head is very light and I like that, but the missing material makes me hesitant about its strength over time. The head is made for offensive players so I think it will hold up for a while, but on a hot day the thin struts may not be the best bet. In a milder climate I don’t see this being an issue. Because of the thin struts I’ll give the Centrik a 7/10 on durability.

Value: 8/10

The Centrik is Maveriks premier midfield head. It is a very good head and one of my favorites on the market. It is priced just under the Stallion U 550 and Evo 4. It is hard to find a head this high quality for under $100 and the Centrik meets those exact specifications. At $94.99 it is a top of the line offensive head for less than the competition’s price, therefore I would rate its value an 8/10.

Overall: 8.2/10

The Centrik is an offensive head for the midfielder who does it all. The quality of this head makes it a great choice for all offensive players looking for a slightly wider face shape. Pick up your new Maverik Centrik from LACROSSE.COM today.

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