Marcus Holman

Marcus Holman: How Major League Lacrosse Has Evolved

Written by Tanner Job of Lacrosse All Stars

After graduating college from the University of North Carolina attackman, Marcus Holman took his talents to Ohio and joined the Machine. In his fourth season in the league, he has already been named a time two All Star. He isn’t slowing down either and will be in the league during a period that could see major growth in the sport of lacrosse.

Marcus Holman

Marcus has been paying attention to the league since he was a kid and over those fifteen years, the Major League Lacrosse has changed quite a bit. At first all the players in the league had regular 9-5 jobs and flew to their games on the weekends. There has been a turn in a positive direction in the past five years and now many professional lacrosse players live off of lacrosse full time. A few solely live off of league salaries and sponsorships while many other guys are coaching or creating their own businesses. Many of these consists of camps and clinics with a small group of pros usually based on position. Some of these companies are The Faceoff Academy started by Greg Gurenlian, Marcus Holman’s new recent business Attack 101 with Davey Emala and Will Manny. Players are able to do this now because kids are starting to focus more on lacrosse.

“there are more kids dedicated to their craft and are really taking this league seriously”

Kids are now starting to take the game more serious at a younger age. This causes the talent level to go up as more kids dedicate more time each year to the game of lacrosse. The faster the sport grows the faster the talent level will increase as well. Think of where it could be in another five or even ten years.

Marcus Holman

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