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Major League Lacrosse All Stars By Brand Pt 3

As we approach the 2016 Major League Lacrosse All Star Game, our friends at Lacrosse All Stars took some time to look at the All Star rosters by brands. In part 3 we dive into the free agent while we look at non-traditional equipment companies in part 2 and traditional equipment brands in part 1.

Written by Tanner Job of Lacrosse All Stars


Since there are eleven players unsigned, I decided to make a Team Adidas and a Team Epoch to compete against the loaded Warrior and STX teams.

Team Adidas: Randy Staats, Brent Adams, Matt Abbott, Joel White, Jackson Place, Matt Bocklet

This team could be really dangerous and have some of the best looking gear. With Randy Staats, Brent Adams, and Matt Abbott leading your offense there isn’t much that could go wrong especially when you add Joel White into the transition game. Then you would have White, Jackson Place, and Matt Bocklet to lock it down on the defensive end. Just imagine the rise of Adidas in the lacrosse industry, with their new line of products it could shake things up quite a bit.

Greg Gurenlian

Photo Credit: LaxAllStars

Team Epoch: John Haus, Greg Puskuldjian, Joe Fletcher, Brian Karalunas, Michael Ehrhardt

This team would definitely be held down by their defense. With Joe Fletcher, Brian Karalunas, and Michael Ehrhardt all working in unison you have a good chance to hold every attackman to a couple points. Plus if they all got to use a Dragonfly and got used to throwing checks with the shaft flex, a lot more takeaway checks might happen. Then Greg Puskuldjian could get hot using the F30 and they might start playing make it take it since John Haus can put the ball in the back of the net with ease. Especially if he is using the new Integra combined with the Prequel and Otter Mesh.

Tribe 7: Greg Gurenlian
This is definitely one of the more not normal brands in lacrosse but they have the best face-off man in the game. Greg Gurenlian is an absolute monster and if it weren’t for the league restriction he would most likely be using the Beast 7. If there is one guy who could take on a team of 6 by himself it would be Gurenlian.


Check out Major League Lacrosse All Stars By Brand Pt 1 & 2 for insight on the All Star Players assigned to traditional equipment brands like STX and Warrior as well as non-traditional equipment brands like East Coast Dyes and StringKing.

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