Major League Lacrosse All Stars By Brand Pt 2

As we approach the 2016 Major League Lacrosse All Star Game, our friends at Lacrosse All Stars took some time to look at the All Star rosters by brands. In part 2 we dive into the non-traditional equipment companies while we look at traditional equipment companies in part 1 and free agent brands in part 3.

Written by Tanner Job of Lacrosse All Stars


String King: Kevin Rice (out), Connor Buczek

The dynamic duo of String King that could’ve been. They simply puts the ball in the back of the net. Kevin Rice is a top scorer in the league and can beat anyone on the dodge. Leading the newly formed Atlanta Blaze, Rice has taken the league by storm and is ready to take on the best with his Mark 1. He has now been ruled out for the All Star Game and Mike Chanechuk has replaced him.

Connor Buczek also uses the Mark 1 with String King Type 3 and it seems to be working out quite well. Although the Florida Launch aren’t doing great this year, Buczek has come to play every game. Consistently putting up numbers is something Buczek has made a habit and it doesn’t seem like he will be slowing down anytime soon.

Brian Phipps

Photo Credit: LaxAllStars

East Coast Dyes: Marcus Holman, Joe Walters, Tyler Fiorito, Brian Phipps

Although this isn’t the ideal team I would choose for a game of 4-on-4, the potential on both sides of the ball is unreal. Just think, Marcus Holman and Joe Walters could score tons of points together and then when the other team had the ball you just have Tyler Fiorito and Brian Phipps in net at the same time. There is no way anyone could score!


Throne Lacrosse: Ned Crotty

Then there is Ned Crotty, the lone Throne All Star.


ADRLN: Michael Evans, Peter Baum, Joe Walters

These three would be a dangerous if they were ever put on the same team. Along with some of the best apparel in the game, these three bring it on the field as well. For every bone crushing check from Michael Evans; Peter Baum and Joe Walters are putting a goal in the back of the net. Make sure you look out for these guys rocking a fresh pair of ADRLN Lacrosse Vendetta Socks in their next game.


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