Major League Lacrosse All Stars By Brand Pt 1

As we approach the 2016 Major League Lacrosse All Star Game, our friends at Lacrosse All Stars took some time to look at the All Star rosters by brands. In part 1 we dive into the traditional equipment companies while we look at non-traditional equipment companies in part 2 and free agent brands in part 3.

Written by Tanner Job of Lacrosse All Stars

Rob Pannell

Photo Credit: LaxAllStars

Brine: Rob Pannell, Brendan Fowler, Mike Simon

Brine’s three headed monster definitely consists of some of the top players in the world. Rob Pannell simply racks up goals and assists without question with the new Brine RP3.

Brendan Fowler is the guy for Brine at the face-off X and a master at the pinch and pop. There is always a chance that he will take it to the rack off of each draw.

Mike Simon on the other hand may not score as many goals or win as many draws but he can do both! Not to mention, with a long-stick taking the face you know the opposing face-off man is taking a bit of a beating.


STX: Marcus Holman, Will Manny, Peter Baum, Chris Mattes, Tucker Durkin, John Galloway

This 6 man team for STX is absolutely terrifying. With Will Manny, Marcus Holman, and Peter Baum, there is no way this team doesn’t put up double digits every game. Manny, the high flying and explosive Boston Cannon, Holman, and Baum are all currently rocking the STX Surgeon Line for their gear. Peter Baum and Marcus Holman already have chemistry from playing at Ohio and once they get Manny on board, there would be no stopping them.

Chris Mattes is the next one up for STX. Chris controls the face-off X for the Florida Launch and is a groundball machine. Mattes gives 100% on every face-off and is always ready to grind it out for the win.

Tucker Durkin is arguably the best defenseman in the league. One of the most physical and fundamentally sound poles in the game. Durkin makes sure his attackman leaves the game feeling battered and bruised while he brings down the pain with the STX Hammer.

The net minder for STX is considered the best by some. John Galloway is always lights out when between the pipes for the Rochester Rattlers. Even if you are on the doorstep there is a good chance Galloway is going to at least get a piece of the ball. His ability to follow an offensive player’s stick is incredible.

Peter Baum

Photo Credit: LaxAllStars

Warrior: Kieran McArdle, Paul Rabil, Tom Schreiber, Josh Hawkins, Drew Snider, Scott Rodgers

Warrior has just as big of a force as Team STX. With Paul Rabil the team already looks good. He is the best known lacrosse player in the world. The man is a thoroughbred. When he initiates his dodge, defenses have to put a lot of attention towards him otherwise he is going to get a great shot a lot of the time using his Rabil 2.

There is simply no word that can explain the amount of physicality Josh Hawkins plays with when he steps on the field. He has always played this way even during his time before the MLL. I’m not sure what happens to him but he lets the other team know that is they want to score on him they better be ready to take a beating.

Next up is Denver Outlaws captain Drew Snider. The man can simply ball. After being named most improved player in 2013, he just continues improve. He is one of the most clutch players in the league with his Warrior Evolution head and has proven it with multiple game-tying and game winning goals. Without him the Outlaws don’t win the 2014 MLL Championship.

Scott Rodgers, the big man between the pipes. He is an absolute beast in cage but is even more impressive in the gym. When the “Big Rig” isn’t saving shots with his Warrior Nemesis you can count on him being in the gym and not taking things lightly! He is also a very vocal leader and full of energy after every save.

Tom Schreiber is a nightmare for defenses. He has the ability to put the ball in the net and the field vision to find his teammates when a slide is sent his way. He started the season off hot and was Game MVP in the first two contest for the Ohio Machine and is looking to get Ohio a Championship this season.

Kieran McArdle is next up for Warrior. The shifty attackman for the Florida Launch can’t be stopped this season with his Warrior Evolution. Coming off his rookie of the year performance last year, it isn’t much of a surprise that he made the All Star Game this season. McArdle is going to be a dangerous player for years to come in the league and will be looking to continue his dominance.


Under Armour: Eric Law, Jeremy Sieverts, Scott Ratliff

Selected to his 2nd All Star Game, Eric Law has been a beast for the Denver Outlaws this year. With the ability he already has, it will be interesting to see what Law achieves during the rest of his career.

Jeremy Sieverts has a cannon. He led the league in 2 pointers in 2014 and currently leads the Denver Outlaws this year. Between Sieverts and Law, Under Armour is definitely protecting the house of Denver.

Scott Ratliff is one of the most creative poles in the league and a vital part to the Atlanta Blaze. He can do it all: take away the ball, get the groundball, and finish on the attacking end. This man is the complete package when it comes to a long-stick-middie.

Joe Walters

Photo Credit: LaxAllStars

Nike: Matt Mackrides

Matt Mackrides is a do it all player when it comes to an offensive minded player. He can score, assists, and get groundballs… lots of them. It is great to see him get cleared from the concussion he got in the previous game. Mackrides tore it up for Chesapeake early on in the season and now is in Atlanta doing work.


Maverik: JoJo Marasco, Ned Crotty, Joe Walters, Joey Sankey, Greg Gurenlian, Mike Chanechuk (new)

JoJo Marasco is apart of the New York Lizards and may not receive the same attention as their top players but he is just as important. JoJo is the 3rd leading scorer on the team. He is a great team player and great at allowing the game to come to him.

Ned Crotty is yet another great asset to the Maverik team. His weapon of choice in the Maverik Centrik. Being named to his 3rd All Star Game, Crotty isn’t looking to take things easy. After jumping ship from New York after they won the championship he is now trying lead Rochester to the promise land.

Joey Sankey is the 3rd in line on the Maverik team and this guy just can’t seem to miss his mark with his Maverik Hyperlite. He led the Chartlotte Hounds in 2015 and also earned rookie of the year. Sankey is looking to continue to improve his rise among others in the league and could become the top dog some day.

With Joe Walters and his Maverik Optik in this group as well, it makes for a scary offense.

Not to mention this talented group also gets the biggest and baddest face-off man in the league with Greg Gurenlian. The man is an absolute workhorse on and off the field, o and he’s also mastered the technique of face-offs.
Well Maverik’s team just got even better! Mike Chanechuck from the Charlotte Hounds is now in the All Star Game. The guy can score in a variety of ways whether he creates it off the dodge or uses his man as a screen on the goalie. Make sure you watch and listen for his name.. You might be surprised how often it you hear it on June 9th.


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