In lacrosse and in life, if your head isn’t right, the rest doesn’t matter. On the field, the head is, without question, the most important piece of gear for every player.

Different heads fit different athletes and their own style of play. Without the right one, you won’t be able to scoop, control, pass or shoot the ball like you want and like you need to make the difference for your team.

These are our top 10 picks for 2015. Shop them all at LACROSSE.COM with the links below.

1. Maverik Optik

 Florida Launch v New York Lizards

The most trusted, refined and expert offensive head from Maverik, the Optik is precise and full of strength.

It weights in at an incredibly light 4.5 oz, has a two-strut design, a dual design scoop, narrow throat and 17 stringing holes in each sidewall. The Optik is designed for a low to mid-level pocket that creates a quick and powerful release.

New York Lizards midfielder JoJo Marasco, an All-American during a sensational career at Syracuse, favors the Optik for his game.


2. Epoch Hawk


Epoch took time with its first head, studying more than 30 years of product and bringing in the legendary four-time NCAA Champion coach and noted lacrosse innovator Flip Naumburg for development. The results show.

The Hawk is as true to lacrosse as it gets, an ideal fit for midfielders thanks to a mid to high-level pocket design for a quick release and lowered and ridged scoop for great traction and control. It’s a modern classic ready to help you excel in 2015.


3. STX Stallion 500

Chesapeake Bayhawks v Ohio Machine Crafted for the complete midfielder, the Stallion 500 is strong thanks to C-Channel technology that makes it very durable. It’s a perfect blend of flexible, yet stable thanks to an open dual sidewall. The Stallion 500 is designed for a high pocket to give added power when shooting.

Kyle Harrison, a National Player of the Year and three-time All-American at Johns Hopkins and No. 1 overall pick in the 2005 MLL Draft, is a STX Stallion player.


4. Warrior Burn



Another head with world-class innovation, the Warrior Burn is built with speed in mind at every level: faster ground ball pickups, incredible burst when shooting and quick release.

It uses Sym-Rail Twist technology that sheds weight in the sidewall but keeps the same stiffness and TruOffset that lowers the sidewall to give players a deep but legal pocket for more control and speed when shooting.


5. Under Armour Vital


This is a head for the attackers who want strength, power and control in a lightweight design. The Vital has a Triple Rib sidewall, a Glide scoop design and a heavy pinch in the middle. You can play with confidence because the zero-abrasion design eliminates wear and tear on the top lace.


6. STX Surgeon 500

STX Surgeon 500

The Surgeon 500 is dominant no matter the weather thanks to ACP (All Climate Performance). Weighing it 10 percent lighter than the previous model, this year’s version has a stiff, pointed scoop, a contoured throat and the highest strength-to-weight ration of any STX head.


7. Warrior Rabil 2

Florida Launch v Boston Cannons


When a product bears the name of the best player in the lacrosse world, it better be exceptional, and the Warrior Rabil 2 head fits the bill. Designed to meet the specifications of the two-time MLL MVP. This head also has TruOffset and SymRail Twist technology. It also employs max string holes for a completely customizable pocket and unrivaled shot power.


8. Nike Lakota



Nike created the Lakota with a complete midfielder in mind. This head has maximum pinch for added balls security and a bottom rail designed for a mid or high-level pocket for great power when shooting and accuracy when passing. It also has a stylish and substantive sidewall design that gives an aggressive and dominant look.


9. Maverik Tank

Maverik Tank

The Tank is perfect for defenders thanks to its power and agility. It’s geared for imposing checks and effortless scooping. A four-strut design gives ideal rail support while a wide face design allows for more area to intercept passes.


10. Brine Triumph

 Boston Cannons v Charlotte Hounds

Rounding out our list, the Triumph has a Reinforced Core-Tech sidewall for ultimate strength, a wide face for interceptions, a flat scoop to pick and run and a high pocket with enough string holes to allow for a completely customizable pocket.

The Triumph is the head of choice for former NCAA Defensive Player of the Year and current Toronto Rock and Boston Cannons star Brodie Merrill.

Did your head make this list? Are we missing any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.