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Introducing the C-12 Celly Line

The equipment industry in lacrosse has seen a lot of changes in the past few years in terms of technology and innovation, and it’s about to go up another level with the new shaft line-up from C-12 Lacrosse.


Packed with forward thinking and modern innovation, C-12 brings to the table a roster full of position-specific carbon fiber handles that are designed to cater to a player’s specific talents and skills.


The best part— the leaders behind C-12 have worked tirelessly with engineers and chemists to come up with a carbon fiber technology that does not dent or bend. These shafts are designed to dampen the impact of an onslaught of checks, giving players more stability and control of their sticks.


C-12 Lacrosse is based in Columbus, Ohio is a standard setter for carbon fiber handles for both male and female players.


All of their products are designed, produced and manufactured in the United States and are incredibly unique. They have three issued patents to their name with another pending.

Celly Shafts - C-12

Celly Shafts – C-12


There are a number of new shafts in the market that focus on providing extra flex to a players shot, but the C-12 Celly is not one of those.


The Celly shafts, in fact, feature a new Flex Minimizing Technology that is intended to provide a more consistent and accurate shot placement. Manufactured to not only provide a consistent pass/shot action, the Celly shaft is coated with a sandpaper-like paint that provides players with unbelievable grip control on their stick.


Lacrosse can be played in all weather conditions from warm, sunny days to cold, rainy ones, and the Celly sand paper-esque grip is designed specifically to eliminate grip loss and provide comfort and control for whatever Mother Nature has in store.


To top it all off, C-12 backs their equipment with an industry leading 12=month warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that the manufacturer will always keep the players best interest in mind.


Lacrosse.com is proud to welcome the C-12 Celly collection to our site. We are very excited about this new shaft and about what C-12 has in store for the future.


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