Hit the field Friday Epoch Dragonfly

Hit the Field Friday with Epoch’s Dragonfly

Carbon Fiber is not a new technology in lacrosse, however, Epoch has taken a brand new approach to the advanced material that has catapulted their products to the top.  Every week in Hit the Field Friday, we will highlight a specific product or product line and focus on how the technology behind the gear can take your game to the next level. In our first edition, we shine the spotlight on Epoch’s Dragonfly shaft series.

The focal point of the Dragonfly series revolves around the flex technology of the shafts. Unlike previous Carbon Fiber shaft offerings, Epoch has standardized the flex technology so that you know exactly what to expect from the time you purchase to the time you hit the field. Using a simple 1-10 scale you will know just how much flex you’ll experience on your shot the second you pick up your stick. If you forget, the flex scale is printed right on the shaft to remind you, with 1 representing the stiffest option and 10 marking the softest. No matter the level, with their Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) in each shaft, you are guaranteed a consistent playing experience every time.

As described in the video above, Epoch’s precise layering of low F.A.W. unidirectional carbon fiber helps define the level of flex while maintaining the structure of the shaft. Their attention to detail has helped the likes of Epoch Pro Zack Dorn break the world record for fastest shot not once but twice. With the formidable combination of strength and flex, I am sure Zack will be able to test the limits of his 117 mph record. If the Epoch Dragonfly was able to help push Dorn’s shot speed past the pros, imagine what this handle can do to your game.

Pick up your Epoch Dragonfly shaft now at LACROSSE.COM and start working on breaking your own records.