Hit the field Friday – Warrior Regulator Shafts

In this edition of Hit the Field Friday, we are taking a look at Warrior’s new line up of Regulator shafts with their new Power Die shape, and how they will help you get a new grip on your game.

Warrior Regulator Shafts

Introducing the new Regulator shaft line, Warrior has come out with three versions (Regulator Pro, Regulator Tactical, and Regulator) to suit different play styles and budgets. The consistent feature on all three shafts is the new Power Die shape which provides more aggressive corners throughout the octagonal shape. This feature that you can feel will provide you with a superior grip on your handle while reducing torqueing. Torqueing is the act of rotating or twisting, so the new Power Die shape will aid you in keeping your stick in your hands exactly where you want it without slipping.

Warrior Regulator Shaft + Head

The distinct elements that differ between the Regulator Pro, Regulator Tactical and Regulator are the materials and the grips. Standing at the highest price point, the Regulator Pro employs Warrior’s popular Dolo-Pro material which consists of their most durable alloy covered by their Diamond grip, a sandblasted finish that never wears off and adds no extra weight. The Regulator Tactical, powered by Warrior’s Dolo-Lite material is finished with a tactical grip that provides a tacky feel in your hands giving you ease of mind that it will never slip. The third iteration of the Regulator shaft and the most cost-effective is again powered by Warrior’s Dolo-Lite material but does not feature a grip giving this handle a clean, classic look and feel.

If a classic shaft shape too easily slips out of your hands and you need some extra grip you can instantly feel, then check out Warrior’s new Regulator shaft line at LACROSSE.COM and get a grasp on your game