Warrior Performance Mesh

Hit the Field Friday – Warrior Performance Mesh

By Sam Margulis

For this edition of Hit the Field Friday, we had one of our LACROSSE.COM Field Testers, Sam Margulis, take the 3 new Warrior mesh offerings for a test drive. The recently released variations of mesh: Regulator ballistic mesh, Burn featherweight mesh, and Evo wax mesh, are all great products and will be sure to match with any type of player on the field.

The Regulator mesh is like standard semi hard mesh but made from a military grade ballistic material. It is very easy to stretch out and break in. It has a slightly slick feel. Once strung up it forms and holds a pocket very well. It does not stretch when you cradle, much like Canadian mesh. It’s one of the best pieces of mesh Warrior has ever produced.

Warrior Regulator Mesh

The Burn mesh is a very interesting piece of mesh that is noticeably different from the others. It is extremely thin, and the diamonds are slightly larger than most. It is very soft and the ball shifts around in the pocket easily. It stretches very well when strung, and pulls tight even in wide heads.   Not only does this mesh feel different when stringing it, but when cradling, passing and shooting it really feels like the only thing in the stick is the ball. The weight of the mesh makes for a unique experience when cradling and controlling the ball.  Some patterns will need to be altered to accommodate this mesh. This should become a favorite for the face-off specialists because of its softness and the way it shifts.

The Evo mesh is one of the top pieces of wax mesh I have seen to date. I have tried all the big brands; Throne, ECM, ECM Black, Jima Wax, Marc Mesh,  and the Evo Mesh is the best I have encountered. Out of the bag you can tell it is waxed, however it doesn’t feel sticky or hard and does not have a waxy odor. It is soft and pliable yet holds its shape when stretched and forms a pocket instantly. It does not flake off like other waxed mesh pieces and it does not attract and retain dirt.

Warrior Performance Mesh

All three of these have their own pros and cons but if I had to rank them in order of preference it would be the Regulator, then Evo and then Burn. Grab one of the new Warrior Performance Mesh from LACROSSE.COM and give it a shot.