Hit the field Friday – Warrior EVO Protective line

In our second edition of Hit the Field Friday, we are going to take a dive into what makes the Warrior EVO Protective line one of the most innovative pad lines for the offensive player. To do this, we are going to focus on the two key pieces of technology behind the gear, the Cage Flex system and D30 Aero padding.

Cage Flex System

You will find the Cage FLX system throughout four of the five pieces of equipment (glove, shoulder pads, arm guard & arm pad) which is designed simply to improve overall flexibility and mobility. Offensive players are constantly changing directions, and they do not need their pads restricting those movements. At the base of this system is a layer of VPS foam that is extremely lightweight and flexible while also providing the necessary cushion to soften the blows of a stick check. This foam stretches with the body’s movement to become more form-fitting while also expanding to provide added ventilation. This format benefits the player two-fold by reducing the level of bulk on their bodies while also keeping them cool & dry during intense games.

Warrior EVO Protection

D30 Aero Padding

The D30 Aero Impact Foam brings the amount of protection in the EVO line to a whole new level. The key behind this technology is that it provides a high/low impact absorption while maintaining a very low profile which helps to reduce the weight and improve comfortability. When you first touch the D30 material it gives off a soft and flexible feel. However, when confronted with a level of force, the foam locks up and hardens to protect the player. After the physical blow disappears, the foam returns to its soft and flexible state. This system again provides a very flexible padding line that will not slow the player down but will keep them protected when faced with an onslaught of stick checks.

D30 Aero Padding

If you are an attackman or an offensive minded midfielder, you will want to seriously consider suiting up in the Warrior EVO line. Whether it’s with the ever popular EVO glove or the elite level arm pads, you will not be disappointed. Pick up your Warrior EVO protective gear today at lacrosse.com.