Hit the Field Friday – STX Duel Head & Handle

It’s time for Hit the Field Friday and we are awaiting the whistle at the face-off x with the new STX Duel U head and Duel SC handle.

It cannot be understated how important winning face-offs is to winning lacrosse games. The more draws your team comes up with, the more time with possession, which ultimately means more opportunities to score. For the most part, face-off specialists have used a wide array of heads to fit their face-off style with only a handful of them seemingly performing better than others. No head was designed from the ground up to suit the playing style of a face-off specialist until now.

STX Duel U

There are a number of technological advances made with the Duel U head but we are going to focus on the sidewall structure. Heads used on face-offs are bent, twisted, and pulled in many different directions leaving them warped. Knowing the qualities in a head face-off that specialists look for, STX focused on providing extra strength where it was needed most while also allowing for a great deal of flexibility that’s needed to do the job. Essentially split into two sections, the top half of the head remains extremely flexible. This allows the midfielder to pinch down on the ball and move freely against their opponent, knowing that the ball and head will follow. Allowing the head to bend at extreme angles can break down the heads usability, which is why STX reinforced the lower half of the Duel U head to provide a solid structure that will withstand countless face-off battles.


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Another unique aspect of the STX Duel U head is that it is designed to work perfectly with the STX Duel SC shaft. It will work on other shafts, but some of the key features will only be enhanced with the Duel SC. One of those features is the second screw hole on the side of the shaft that locks into STX’s revolutionary throat plug. The throat plug and the secondary screw then provides additional torsional stability during all face-off battles.


Take your face-off game to the next level with a stick designed specifically for it. Pick up the STX Duel head and handle at LACROSSE.COM.